troncones trip report with celso sighting.

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Escrito por SF Guy desde ( el día domingo, 04 de abril, 2010 a las 14:10:26 horas :

3/23 - 4/1

this was my 5th trip to zihua/troncones, and yet again, i came away relaxed, refreshed, and recommited to finding a way to move and live down there.

we travelled with our good friends mark, carol and their daughter to the inn at manzanillo bay in troncones - our 4th time staying there. as a surfer (albeit a poor one), and a guy who's married to a surf widow who appreciates good food and nice accomodations, the IAMB is absolutely perfect.

mike, winn, randall, evette and the IAMB staff are simply the best. the locat1on, on the point in manzanillo, is sublime. the environment (bungalows, pool, restaurant) is both relaxed and immaculate. for anyone thinking of spending time there - stop thinking and just do it.

we also met some fantastic people with whom we shared food, surf, pool time and laughs - jim, shelly, quinn and jimmy, and sterling and his wife nadia - nice meeting all of you.

meals in troncones were split among the inn, eden, burro boracho, and a new find - an amazing little taco joint on the main road out of town across from the pharmacia - tortillas made to order and filled with barbacoa, camarones al gusto, langosta, filete al gusto, etc.

mark and i spent most of the mornings in saladita, surfing, and enjoying some good food at jacualines and laurdes cafe - a full red snapper (diablo) and gut busting breakfast of huevos mexicana respectively.

we made two trips into zihua - both trips felt like i was coming home, and both trips i felt completely safe, secure, y muy alegre. we had a nice meal at elviras on the beach on trip one. for trip two, my wife and i returned to the place we got married - the villa vera. i know the politics of the place leave a bad taste in the mouths of some folks, but, it's a special place for my wife and i.

downtown seemed cleaner this year with the addition of the trash cans, and, it being semana santa, there were a lot of mexican nationals enjoying the beach, the vibe, the food, and the sun. so many smiling faces, you can't help but smile yourself. :)

as for the celso sighting: i've never met him personally, but i "know" him from the board. i also have a friend, gilberto, who used to work for him. nonetheless, i'm sitting at a table at the IAMB, imbibing my 2nd margarita, and drinking in the view of the bay, when an older gringo couple with 2 locals grab a table next to me. i overhear their conversation as the woman addresses her "guide" as celso. turns out they were on a day trip from the sotovento (or catalina) on a day trip. well, i get up and ask the man if he is celso from robs board - yes it is! i tell him i'm SF Guy, and he remembers me. what a super nice guy.

i've been to mexico probably over 100 times. multiple trips to baja. from PV north to sayulita, and south thru the costa alegre to barra de navidad. oaxaca. the DF. hautulco north thru san angel to puerto escondido. and yet, i keep coming back to zihua/troncones. this "place" is my church and is about as close to a religious experience as i can imagine. if anyone has any ideas how a 43 year old advertising guy can make a living down there, please share any ideas you have.

as my tan begins the natural fading process, i'm already planning my next trip to heaven.

abrazos all!

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