Hike to Lighthouse - may want to locate a guide

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Escrito por JCampbell desde (dsl-189-147-29-2-dyn.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día jueves, 08 de abril, 2010 a las 16:13:36 horas :

Brandi and I wanted to hike to the lighthouse yesterday. Did an archive search on here and found general directions how to get there.

Walked from La Ropa to Las Gatas and went to Amados, found the bathrooms, but it was fenced and gated beyond there. Walked back to Amados and bought a couple beers and talked to the folks there. Evidently that land has been purchased a few years ago (didn't catch that) and is private now.

About halfway into our beers, the waiter David brought over a guy named Maximo who offered to take us there for a tip. My "rip the gringo off" radar when off, but we wanted to check out the lighthouse, so we agreed.

What a great hike. Humid to be sure, but I don't think I could have found it by myself easily. The cobblestone path stops at a road and you have to pick it up again through the vegetation. Maximo was awesome, spoke decent English, and we saw much flora y fauna.

So - would recommend you pay someone there at Las Gatas to take you rather than blazing the trail yourself.

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