The Garbage Tail Tale

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Escrito por Katrina Beesonella () via proxy desde ( el día viernes, 09 de abril, 2010 a las 10:59:51 horas :

Hola ,,, my name is Catrina and this is my story of late. My rescuers are 2 wonderful women from the SPA in Zihua, Natalia and Christina. They were at the cemetery honouring their Mother, Helene Katherine Krebs Posse on the anniversary of her death. I, of course did not know any of this but could hear someone nearby and thought if I wag my tail hard enough maybe someone will notice I am underneath this pile of garbage. I was kind of weak, but I tried very hard. The DOG GOD helped me and garbage was taken off me and these ever so kind and gentle hands lifted me and took me in their car to a clean and dry place at SPAZ where I have a private suite with food, water, medicine and people to look after me. I am very grateful and am gaining weight and getting stronger every day. In this moment I am not a classically beautiful miniature poodle like I once was but if you look into my very large (they tell me) dark eyes you will see I am a lover. I know a few tricks too. I can walk on my front feet like a circus dog and I like to organize my food with my nose before eating it. Itís so much tidier that way. I will be staying here at the SPA for a little while until I am well and then I am hoping someone as kind as Christina or Natalia will want me to come and live with them. I am named after 2 well known people; Helene Katherine Krebs Posse the founder of the SPAZ and Catrina the famous doll in Mexico. Apparently I am almost as skinny as the Catrina doll.
If, when its time for me to leave SPAZ, you take me to your home I promise to love you as much as I love life.


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