Mexico Part IV

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Arrived at the townhouse at about 1:00 PM greeted by Felipe & Terese the caretakers. All was well as they had the unit sparkling with all ceiling fans on, the fridge humming & the pool inviting.

Unpacked, checked the cupboards & prepared a shopping list.

Walked the 1/2 mile to the bus line for a 8 peso ride to El Centro but first a stop at MJ & Richie's my favorite hangout on Playa Madera. Got the very sad news their lease would not be renewed as the owner wishes to turn it over to her Rastafarian grandson for god knows what purpose. Oh Well Rafael will find an even better spot for The Best Beach Café in all of Mexico!

Met some friends in town but passed on dinner as shopping comes first. Spent 485 pesos (about $40 US) for supplies that will be the bulk of my food purchase for the next 3 weeks. I will by more fruit, coffee, bread etc but as I normally only eat one meal a day in I require little.

First few days just laying on the beach, talking to amigos, eating & early to bed. About every third day stay home at the pool only going out for dinner.


Two trips to Playa Valentin near the gold market city of Petatlan. A lovely, lovely beach virtually deserted. You must arrange for a boat ride to the beach across the lagoon filled with wildlife. Crocs, huge fish & a myriad of waterfowl, otters & other creatures.

Our hosts are a 75 year old couple the wife having lived on this beach her entire life in a Palapa house with no running water, electricity or plumbing.

They prepared a tremendous meal for us consisting of 3 whole fish, rice, veggies, tortillas & soft drinks. Our day including food, a long tour of the lagoon & use of a private palapa was at a total cost of 600 pesos split between the 3 of us.

Another day was spent at Barra de Potosi a most lovely native village with dirt streets, a half a dozen beach cafés & 9 1/2 miles of mostly empty beach. There's a new wildlife center at the edge of this village that is a must to visit. Also The Children's Library that is the fruit of lots of hard work by my friend Laura. If you go please stop by & leave a donation.

Another trip was a visit to Trocones.


New Restaurants

Papa Loca's the new hot bargain spot in Zihua. Menu is centered around various baked potato dishes filled with up with 3 kinds of meat, cheeses, pineapple, butter, You name it! Also wonderful Tacos El Pastor (5 for 18 pesos) & the best Pico de Gallo I have ever experienced!

Typical meal under 70 pesos or under $6 US

There are several new Asian (Chinese/Japanese) cafés around town but I passed on these.

Restaurante Raco del Foc

I do not often eat beef in Mexico but this place has excellent Steaks & Chops. The Lamb is magnificent. A bit pricy for Zihua's most famed tightwad but still well worth the 200 pesos (under $20) or so a meal will run.

Old Favorites Casa Vieja, Marina Cafe, Chendos, Letys, Bananas, Rico-Mar (still under $3 US) El Mangler & of course the Best beach Cafe in all of Mexico MJ & Richie's!

All in All my 3 week stay went by much too fast & before I knew it time to fly back to Toluca for my final night of this trip.

Final thoughts later

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