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Escrito por Laura ( via proxy desde ( el día jueves, 15 de abril, 2010 a las 20:45:10 horas :

En respuesta a: Kids drawings for Cri Cri escrito por ZihuaRob [ Boardmaster ] el día jueves, 15 de abril, 2010 a las 19:09:33 horas :

So beautiful! I can just picture them making these for Cri Cri... I can almost feel the breezes - the peace and the fun - back in the old days when Zihua was so incredible!

The motifs seen in children's art is unique to the place they live. The birds as they made them in Cri Cri's drawings are very different from the birds as the kids make them here. And here the main motif seen is our precious Hill of Guamilule and they make only small fishing boats and many hammocks between palms. The kids would often make my house with fountains with pathways leading to their houses in the village. Next to the house they'd make me and them and then Noyo and the dogs etc...So fun! Expressions and gifts of love and affection loaded with creativity.

Appropriately in Zihua they made those lovely bigger sailing vessels. I love children's art and I love even more just being with them in the way that allows them to feel inspired to make it. It means the time, the peacefulness, patience, joyfulness, playfulness... it's all a state of mind.

I too keep much of the the art of the kids I've known here in La Barra - some from years ago now. Already it's fun to pull it out now and then and show it to the ones who are now married with kids.

For Cri Cri - what a blessing to have those drawings - a precious reminder of the beauty of that time and your part in it.

Be well!

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