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Escrito por Mark () via proxy desde ( el día miércoles, 21 de abril, 2010 a las 02:29:46 horas :

Just a quick report on our past 9 days in Zihua at Club Intrawest. Our 5th fantastic. Slight bump with a 5.0 in the middle of our stay, but nothing wrong with a little excitement during a sleepy vacation. La Ropa exceptionally clean, and crowds way down after Semana Santa. Made for a wonderful, peaceful, and safe stay. Food was great at the local places, especially Il Mediteraneo and a very romantic dinner at La Casa Que Canta. Bought some very nice Merano glass being made by the glass blower who has moved from Italy (too expensive). Warm, lazy nights with way too many stars to even imagine. Took a late afternoon boat ride with Mr. Moses (local honest charter) for a private swim in a secluded snorkeling bay about 40 minutes from the pier. Awesome. Mostly slept (except my wife did yoga every morning at Paty's), breakfast daily at Club Z restaurant (very good) and lots of pool time and beach time. All in all, everything we can ask for in Zihua year after year...but this year a little cleaner, a little less hectic, very safe and very fun. Back in December! Can't wait.

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