Mexico Part V

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Last Day shopped for Meds. The Pronto Farmacia failed me for the first time. I had ordered 6 Vials of insulin but they evidently failed to order as they only had two. Sent me to their sister location but they had none.

But Wait! Worked for the best. I went to The Comercial where I received 3 more at 271.61 pesos each, 32 pesos cheaper than Pronto. This was first time I found this to be true. Then off on Shank's Mare to The Bodega where I purchased two more at 271.98. So I now have my 7 month supply at a savings of $117 over US prices WITH insurance.

Headed home, used the pool & then packed, put away the put aways at the Townhouse getting all in order.

My Cabbie from Bakersfield, Ca was right on time at 9:00 Am for the trip to the Airport. As it was inter-Mexico flight to Toluca no going through the bag just normal security. Plane left on time about 1/3 full. People were allowed to bring on water purchased after security unlike the International flights from Mexico. Airbus clean, almost new with a great staff serving coffee, snacks etc for the 50 minute flight to TLC. I cannot over praise this excellent airline.

Cab to The Colonial was 150 pesos a trip at least twice the distance ZIH to El Centro.

I was given a huge room with a lovely crystal chandelier, all the amenities I need Cable, hot water, good beds, phone & as a bonus lovely well maintained highly polished wood floors. All for $29 US.

After checking in I headed the two blocks to my favorite café Hosteria Las Ramblas, Calle 20 de Noviembre 1070 on the main pedestrian mall. Linen Table Cloth & napkins, excellent service/staff & great food at reasonable prices.

I had Chicken Mole at 80 pesos. A full meal with rice, veggies, fresh baked bread. A nice touch is they serve pats of butter in miniature corn-husk wraps.

The City was packed with Holiday Traffic. The Main street was blocked off allowing for pedestrian traffic across it as the sidewalks were much too crowded. While all normal retail stores were open this Thursday before Easter The Mercado shops were completely shut down. Feeling the 9,000 feet altitude I went back to the hotel to rest after a walk.

Got up going out about 6 to streets packed to the filling point. Activities everywhere. Mariachis, clowns, Mimes, jugglers, even a Hurdy Gurty Player (SP?) playing for tips. Settled for one of the delicious sausage sandwiches Toluca is known for, some ice cream & a bag of fresh popped corn. Stayed out to about 10:00 which is super late for me.

Checked out taking a 100 Peso cab (the old gal at the front desk wanted 25 pesos for hailing it something I did not ask her to do. she did get a hearty "Gracias" instead).

A long line at Volaris Counter as many folks were heading to PV, ZIH, Aca & other beach spots for Easter. Even with the crowds I was through the line including check luggage inspection in less then 15 minutes. Passed through security in a flash leaving an hour to sip some coffee & have a sweet roll, do a bit of shopping.

Volaris does boarding screening about 15 minutes before boarding taking their passengers to a secure comfortable boarding lounge. I noticed a Continental Flight board about 30 minutes before ours. They are forced to body searches at the Boarding gate then sent directly to the plane resulting in an extremely long boarding process.

Flight was ideal with great service & on time. I can not praise this new line enough. They are in great need of business however so all in LA or the SF Bay area should check them out. Our plane had but 45 passengers on a plane that holds 124.

On our flight only 5 people were US residents so Immigration was breeze. Took less then 5 minutes after the very short walk probably 1/10 the distance you must walk at SFO or LA. Customs involved ONLY handing the agent my declaration with out a single question. Out the door & I am in OAK's main lobby where I spotted my Beautiful Bride waving & smiling. I was Home!

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