Muchos Gracias- I left my corazon in Zihua...

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Escrito por La Niña desde ( el día miércoles, 21 de abril, 2010 a las 22:07:52 horas :

This is a love letter to Zihua, and to this message board. We came to Zihua for our first time April 12-18. I spent days before the trip lurking on this site. Thank you ALL and especially Rob for this little window into your world. I learned so much in advance and yet found more on my own.

We live in Seattle and on Lummi Island in Washington state in the US. I am an author and illustrator of children's books. I speak some Spanish and a lot of French. Zihua was very understanding of every language I used. We stayed at Intrawest- on a trial basis. It was very nice, but we are still deciding if we will become members. The location is perfection to anyone who is interested... but we prefer the comidas Mexicanas and the authentic experience, too.

We slept through the earthquake. Maybe it was the 4am wake-up for our flight to Zihua that morning? Or the huge margarita in the pool. (way too expensive- we only did that once!)

We loved meeting Ben (Jamin) at Tequila Por Favor. Not only did we get the best tequilas and tastings, but he sent us to El Manglar, where we fell in love with the tiritas, the avocado stuffed with pulpo (octopus), Paco Taco- the cat we fed, the iguanas that our lovely waiter, Martin fed... and of course the crocodile that finally gave us a show the third time we went there.

We would eat at Los Braseros again in a heart beat. Best tacos Pastor of my life. And tonight I reproduced their cacahuate (peanut) salsa in my own kitchen and Zihua suddenly came home with me. Sirena Gorda will also stay in my heart. I've never had a piña colada with cinnamon before, but what a treat... and the fish tacos, too. And Isabel on calle Adelita- we love you and your juices. The photo of you and the papaya looks like it came out of National Geographic, not my camera.

The only thing I have to say to folks who want to eat upscale: it didn't work for us. We tried it one night at Kau-Kan. The view was worth the price of admission and we loved the romantic atmosphere. Next time I would go there and just have drinks and a flan for dessert.

We are not serious shoppers for "things" but we felt we owed a visit to Lupita's, and I want to tell Lupita that "Sí! I got that blood stain out of the shirt. It is not perfecto, but I don't believe in perfecto." Thank you Lupita for the discount because a woman in Chiapas must have cut herself when she was embroidering it.

Thank you Zihua for letting us stumble on your magnificent night of los Estrellos on the basketball court. I have photos of children dancing in beautiful traditional clothing, and one young man dressed as Michael Jackson who made me laugh so long and hard. He was so talented and now I have "Billy Jean" stuck in my head.

We have so many more stories we can tell about kindness, about beauty, about swimming with a loggerhead turtle- that was my husband's experience next to the rocks by Intrawest. I could write a book. But that is what I do! Write books. I also want to come back to Zihua- because I left my corazon there and I need to visit it.
Muchos gracias. Nina

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