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"Lupita's good eyes and honesty really sold not just the shirt, but also sold me on who she is as a person."

People like mi Lupita are scarce in this enormous world. The first time she smiled at me on Playa La Ropa when I met her in '75, I, Mr. You'll-Never-Break-This-Heart-Of-Stone, was hopelessly smitten.

While we were dating back then, her brother was murdered by a drunk federal police agent in Mexico City, and she went into a deep period of mourning. For weeks I would sit outside her window waiting to console her, but she and her entire family were devastated at their loss. We had to forego our budding romance, and I eventually returned to my home in Florida. But she was there in the forefront of my dreams for the 15 years we were apart. I held onto her smiling face and angelic graciousness, knowing I had never met anyone like her, searching in vain for someone similar. Unfortunately we had no contact with each other for all that time because we forgot to exchange addresses, one of those dumb things that just happens. But the heart stayed true and we both got our second chance at that perfect time in our lives when we both knew exactly what to do with it.

Ahhhhhhh.... Zihuatanejo!

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