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We just recently returned from our 4th visit to Zihua and I just wanted to recap some (primarily culinary)highlights. This may be a bit long but I hope it is informative.

Day 1- Flew from Denver to Houston, Houston to Zihua on Continental. No complaints and we were even able to upgrade to 1st class for $85 on the Houston Zihua leg of the trip--what a great start. This year my spouse and I were joined by another couple, her second visit and a Zihua and Mexico newbie. We were really excited to show them Zihua and see why it is our favorite place on earth. Upon landing we were met by Mauricio for a quick ride to Cinco Sentidos. Arriving at CS was like coming home. Big welcomes from Heiko and Araceli, they even upgraded us to the grand suite as an anniversary gift. It was even better than we remembered. They have added a large pool area and terrace since our last visit. Beautiful views, great pool, I could go on and on about the hotel. If you are looking for a fantastic location with outstanding service Cinco Sentidos is the place! Quick change and we were off for our customary first margarita at La Perla. Add an order of chips, salsa, guac and we were at last on vacation. We spent the remainder of the afternoon wandering up and down La Ropa--no big changes but it was rather busy being the tail end of Semana Santa holiday. Dinner that night was a trip into town for Tamales y Atoles Any. Highly recommend the grill platter (split it!) or of course the tamales. After dinner we did a bit of walking around. Noticed that there seem to be a lot more trashcans? Seems to be working as it was cleaner than I remembered at Playa Principal and Madera. After walking off dinner it was back home to CS falling asleep to the sound of the waves....bliss.

Day 2---Up at a very reasonable time (7:30) and off on my normal Zihua run. I typically run up and down La Ropa, then up the hill next to La Casa que Canta, then on the road to Irma and down the hill that I have secretly nicknamed El Bastardo. Around Madera and down to the fish market. It is one of my favorite things to do. Enjoying the town waking up, sights and smells that invigorate the senses. Running back the way that I came (hence the hill nick name) and back to CS. I picked up g'friend (hubby was still asleep) and we headed down to Paty's for yoga. Highly recommend--I had not been before and really enjoyed it. After that we were back to CS for breakfast (a new addition) and again I could go on and on but suffice to say every morning was a splendid meal. Always 2 courses starting with fresh bread, jams, yogurt and super fresh fruits (mango papaya pinapple melon etc). This was followed by a hot meal ranging from egg frittata to chicken fajitas. For the rest of the trip it was this same routine, just repeat. So relaxing and fulfilling. Plus all this morning activity was able to nullify any pina colada calorie guilt--ha! We spent the day at Paty's. Good service, free lounges, tasty drinks and reasonable food. I think my hardest decision was what time to mosey down the beach for a massage--tried to time it to coincide with happy hour---mmmm mango dacquiri. That night we headed back into town for the Sunday night extravaganza. We were very lucky to see the Acapulco Philharmonic performing. Tons of good food, good people, and great entertainment. For dinner we headed to Lety's--our first time. The coconut shrimp was as advertised--great--but we enjoyed the relleno stuffed with seafood even more. If there was a complaint is was simply the heat of the evening combined with the heat of the food had us all sweating. I will take that over a Colorado snow storm any day.

Day 3- See day two and repeat. We spent that day at the pool instead of the beach. Heiko offered to do a bit of grocery shopping for us so we were whipping up pina coladas pool side and enjoying some quiet reading. I ended up finishing 5 books in 7 days---so you can tell we were very energetic! Napping and sunning were the order of the day--perfection. That evening we headed to Il Mare for dinner. It was scrumptious. Our friends had the tuna special while we enjoyed pasta dishes. The tuna carpachio was the best thing on the menu. Our wait person was very friendly- we all had a great time. So good that we ended up coming back again later in the week (we have never eaten at the same place twice in a visit before). Home to CS and out like a light. I am not positive (it could have been on day 4) but I think this was the night that I awoke to rumbling at about 12:15. The hubby was still up and reading in bed as the windows started to shake and clatter. He turned to me and said "Is that an earthquake?!@?" my answer was to mumble that I thought so and fall right back to sleep. He did a bit of research on line and in fact it was an earthquake! No damage that we noticed but it was a bit scary and surprising. I think he was more annoyed that I slept on than he was concerned about the earthquake.

Day 4- Repeat again. This time we spent the day at Elvira's but followed the same routing of swimming, sunning, beers and mango dacquiris. I did head into the Mercado in the morning during my run. I picked up a few fresh breads and really just wanted to soak up the atmosphere. If you have never been it is worth the trip--they sell all kinds of things but it is more a visit to appreciate life in Zihua. Chatted with a man cleaning up his fish catch, had a pancake at the "food court"--if you have been you know what I mean. Dinner that evening was a Rufo's in Madera. This is a great find. Quaint open air eating, reasonable prices, great service. Had the snapper special and the pork chops. Both were very tasty. Wish that I would have had room for the flan but the meals are quite large.

Day 5---Anniversary. We ponied up the $$ to spend the day at the Tides (formerly VDS) as that is where we were married in 2006. It is typically $25 per person but under the recommendation of some other CS guests we bartered down to $15. What can I say---it is true decadence on the beach. From the chilled lavender scented towels to the linen and silver lunch service every detail is perfected. We had lunch--seared tuna salads, ceviche, chips and salsa. It was pricey but good. I noticed that the restaurants at the hotel are set up differently now and the prices seem to have gone even higher (did not realize that would be possible). Perhaps that is why the fancier restaurant was empty at night? For dinner we went to Espuma. This was the best meal of our trip and we are picky foodies. It is a 5 course tasting menu for $50USD per person. First course was 2 fish appetizers (coconut octopus ceviche and tuna tartar) then 2 salads (mixed greens with salmon and roasted eggplant with goat cheese) your choice of soup (cream of spinach or cream corn we tried both) then main course was a choice of beef tenderloin mahi or curry shrimp. Dessert was a slice of frozen lemon cheesecake and a warm chocolate brownie with coconut ice cream. Obviously the various portions were small enough that you were not STUFFED but the flavors and presentation were stunning. Not to mention the restaurant itself and the view--a perfect evening. I can not wait to go back. Thank you Araceli for such a great recommendation.

Day 5-- Repeat for running and b'fast (it is such a great routine). We decided another pool day was in order as we had a lot of sun the day before. Heiko heard us planning at b'fast and offered to make us lunch if we were staying in. I am SO PLEASED that we took him up on the offer. We paid $15 per person for supplies and in return he created a fresh tasty lunch. It was simply a crisp mixed green salad, fresh garlic toast, and more grilled prawns than the four of us could eat. Plenty of cold beers and limes and again I think we were in heaven. Back to the rooms for some mandatory naps and we were off to dinner at La Cala. I was a bit disappointed this year in the food, I would recommend that you stick with the pastas. Unfortunately they did not have the grilled pinapple desert any longer. The atmosphere on the other hand was exactly as I remembered. Worth the trip to hear the waves crashing as you dine in a private cove.

Day 6--Beach day again, back to Paty's where we stationed ourselves from 10:30 in the am to 6:30 that night. Massages at Villa Mexicana and fish tacos from Dona Prudencia (they have pinapple and are to die for). That night we decided that we were too full for a big dinner so we headed back to Il Mare for the tuna carpachio and chilled white wine. After dinner we headed to Tentaciones for dessert. Again I would HIGHLY recommend based on our dessert (like a chocolate lava cake but made of vanilla sugar cookie with dulce de leche filling), the spectacular view and the warmth of the staff. I can't wait to go back for a full meal! Wish we would have had one more night.

Day 7---Ahhh the one that you dread. Started out by heading into town for our only b'fast outside of the hotel. Went to Zihua Pancake house--I had the chilaquiles--really good, but the mango with the pancakes was not fresh, a bit of a disappointment. Back to CS to pack the bags and head back to reality. Aracelli set up transport on our behalf, we lounged around the pool then at 12:30 off we went. No worries at the airport then off to Houston and back to Denver.

Counting the days til our next visit!!

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