Great day fishing

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Escrito por LadyM in Zihua () via proxy desde ( el día sábado, 01 de mayo, 2010 a las 13:05:33 horas :

Paul has been here for a week and we decided to take a day on the water and see what the fishing was like. We headed out of the bay at 7:00 in the morning.

First sail was caught and back in the water after being tagged at 8:20. He was a 20 minute fighter. This was not out far enough to find blue water. About 5 miles out. Green seemed to suit the big guy who was 96 inches long and weighed in at approximately 80 pounds.

By the time we hooked the second sailfish we were in blue water. This one was took about 20 minutes to land also. 45 pounder as it was long and lean. Tagged and released without bringing the fish into the boat.

The more we caught the smaller they were. Third sail took less than 15 minutes to reel in and tag. It was about 70 inches and 37 pounds. Again saw no need to bring it on board.

Got some good photos of the first one as we brought it in the boat. The other two were photo'd with tags and heading back into the deep.

Come on down. For us the fishing was fine today. No need for us to small game fish today as the large ones were out there and we found them.

The day was cloudy with a breeze so it was a good day to be on the water. Paul and I certainly enjoyed the day and hope for more good fishing with Julio and Pelon on La Joceline.

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