Family day at Las Cascadas (The Waterfalls)

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Escrito por Hunter-MX desde ( el día domingo, 09 de mayo, 2010 a las 14:45:11 horas :

My Mother and step father were here for two weeks of vacation from the States. We took them around to many of our favorite things to do, including a wonderful trip to Uruapan and Patzcuaro (more on that in another post)But our favorite thing was to bring my wife's family (native to here, but never been to the cascadas) and my family together for a day in the hills.

My wife's mom prepared a delicious lunch of chicken and potatoes. We provided some guac and chips, agua de jamaica, tamarindo and tortillas and the party was on.


Lot's of the kids were there from the village. They were leaping off the falls like it was second nature to them. When they found out I was photoing them they crowded around for looks at the digital camera screen.


An impromptu water slide on the smooth rocks. Sharing the food with everyone, and the day was a smashing success.



Just a small aside ;>) Tours are available to visit this beautiful locat1on, just in case your interested...

It really is a very nice place to visit that will give a far different view of this area then most will ever get to see. I have been there many times and it always is special.

On a good day (most are) you will get to see the rare Guerrero morpho butterfly, a hand size iridescent blue beauty flying in the arroyo. Also parrots and other birds are frequently seen.

Mesas de Bravo is a traditional Mexican village of adobe houses and friendly people that welcome visitors to their treasure.

As far as tours go, remember, I am just a local guy trying to keep my girl in school and food on the table. So a tour with me is directly supporting the local economy.

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