Day 2 From Patzcuaro

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Last night had LOADS of booming cannon fire. It started again at 5:30 AM this morning! I thought it was possibly "Crow Cannons" used to scare birds away from crops. NO. Found out from our guide Jaime, that it was fireworks (bigger than bottle rockets - HUGE!) that were being set off in celebration of a saintīs day yesterday AND today!

Today we did a tours of villages and workshops on the west side of Lago Patzcuaro - and also Tzintzuntzan on the east side. It was a WONDERFUL day! We purchased many small momentos - carved masks, woven containers, and an embroidered pillow case, and with a HUGE woven palm sombrero to hang on a wall at home. We watched the process of making these hat - including the shaping on a propane fired metal form - from beginning to end. AMAZING! The really nice sombrero cost just 50 pesos, which was a bargain! Each one takes about a half day to make.

We also went to several mask carvers shop. I am torn about a mask there I fell in love with - at 6,000 pesos....but WHAT a MASK!!!!!!!!! It won first place in a crafts competition, and so I may return to buy it! Devils, angels, bats, snakes and all sorts of other creatures....

After a long day - broken up by a 3 course lunch at the astounding price of only 60 pesos!!! we returned to our beautiful lodging at La Casa Encantada.

We went out to walk around the town a bit and were treated to an amazing parade with many local people in costume to honor the saint (not sure whom) who had all the BOOMS! set off in honor of! It was a really WONDERFUL thing to behold and we felt very lucky to be here to witness it!

After the parade, we had a lovely evening supper at Mistongo and then went over to the main square for drinks. I was amazed to be able to get Don Julio tequila that sells at US $125.00 a bottle and Up Up Up.....for just 50 pesos for a brandy snifter full along with Sangrita!

After drinks I enjoyed a VERY large cup of mango ice cream for just 15 pesos.

We then headed back to our suite at La Casa Encantada to download all the pictures from today, so we are ready for tomorrow.

We plan to take a boat out to Isla Janitzio tomorrow and then wander around Patzcuaro some more. The weather here is DELIGHTFUL!!!! About 82F during the day and high 50s at night. Terrific sleeping weather. AND...our bed is really comfy!

On Monday, we will tour with Jaime again - taking in the copper village and also Capula with all its catrinas - which I collect.

The BOOMS in honor of the saintīs day are still going off, but I have been assured that there is NO saintīs fiesta maņana - for which I am grateful!!

Both Mike and I LOVE this area of Mexico with its lovely valleys and gorgeous mountains. I am CERTAIN will will return here again!

And so...until tomorrow...reporting live from Patzcuaro - Joanie Blon.

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