Day 3 From Patzcuaro

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Sunday. Gracias a Dios!!! NO cannon-fireworks BOOMS this morning!

After a simply wonderful desayuno at La Casa Encantada, we set out to explore Patzcuaro a bit more. Wandered the lovely, historic streets and then meandered through the HUGE mercado that was humming full tilt, being Sunday.

Lo siento that I canīt post photos right now - and we have taken PLENTY - but our access to edit pictures and upload them to our website is extremely limited at the moment.

The mercado was absolutely amazing and went on for blocks and blocks - offering everything you could possibly think of. I REALLY wanted to sample some pozole - which I saw at numerous stands, but I was so full from breakfast that it was a no can do.

After wandering through the market, we went to an artesenias tienda, where I bought a very nice black ceramic calavera for my "Mexico" room.

We then took a taxi from el centro down to the muelle (docks) for the barcos to the Isla Janitzio. The taxi fare was a bargain at just 25 pesos.

We took the boats from the docks out to the Isla. Roundtrip fare is 45 pesos. We were serenaded enroute by a band from northern Mexico. As we appoached Janitzio, men in small boats with their traditional "butterfly" fishing nets put on a show for us.

My husband Mike has some foot problems, so we decided againt climbing to the top to see the statue there up close. We were actually able to see it quite well from lake level. On Janitzio, there were MANY kids wanting to sell Chiclets and other assorted things.

We picked out a lovely family run restaurant to have lunch at with a view of the lake and a cool breeze. We had 2 Coronas, 2 Micheladas made with Coronas, a chile relleņo platter with rice, beans, onions, tomatoes and avocados AND a tacos dorados (like flautas in the USA) platter with the same trimmings, along with handmade blue tortillas. The price for this feast??? 135 pesos!!!!

After lunch we wandered around a bit more taking pictures and looking what was being offered for sale. Then we took a return boat (complete with band once again) back to the muelle and from there took a taxi back into the centro.

We wandered for awhile, once again, around beautiful Patzcuaro before having an evening meal at La Surtidora - which has become "OUR" place for drinks, snacks & meals. I had carne asada with tortillas, beans & guac plus MUY!!!! PICANTE chiles.. (HAH!!) for 100 pesos. Mike had the Esandwiche Club with papas Francesas for 45 pesos - plus I had Don Julio con sangrita at 50 pesos for a HUGE pour. What a bargain!

We now have returned to La Casa Encantada to recuperate for the night before we head out tomorrow with Jaime for our 2nd day of touring around Lago Patzcuaro.

We have both agreed that we LOVE this region of Mexico!!! It is SO beautiful and the people are SO friendly. It may be a very long time before we head back to Playa del Carmen again. Too many places and things to explore here!

And so, reporting from Patzcuaro....JoanieBlon

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