Day 4 From Patzcuaro

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Escrito por JoanieBlon () via proxy desde ( el día lunes, 17 de mayo, 2010 a las 21:25:54 horas :

{{{sigh}}} Our LAST evening in enchanting Patzcuaro. We have REALLY enjoyed our time here - such a beautiful town with friendly people. We REALLY love it and are already planning a return trip for Noche and Dia de los Muertes in 2011! We have Jaime pre-booked to be our guide to all the must see places and things surrounding this fantastica tradition that has not yet died here as it has in other Mexican towns and villages.

We toured again with Jaime and his tio (as our driver) today. We first visited Santa Clara del Cobre and got to see first hand how the exquisite copper pieces are produced. We were surprised to find out that the copper being crafted no longer comes from mines, but is purchased by the local copper co-op from the Mexican electric company, telephone company and from used copper plumbing thatīs being replaced by PVC.

I bought 4 charges to place under dining plates - really lovely ones that have been etched and then had silver applied...also 4 matching napkin rings, 2 folding copper faced mirrors to take back as gifts which were BARGAINS at just 29 pesos each. I also bought an exquisite bell enameled with Monarch butterflies to use as a Christmas tree ornament.

We visited Cuanajo which is famous for its carved and painted wooden furniture and also Tupataro to take a look at its historic church that survived the destructions that took place during the Mexican revolution.

From there it was onto Capula and its famous Catrinas. On the way we were treated to spotting a wild fox (zorro) darting across the road! We went to a local co-op in Capula and I purchased 2 Catrinas to add to my ever expanding collection. Both of these were monochrome - one, a lady and gentleman in smooth red clay - REALLY detailed with precise fingers and adornments. The other was a totally black clay Catrina with a parrot clutching her breast and a very elaborate hairdo. Both of my selections very VERY detailed....I LOVE them and hope that by hand carrying them everywhere we travel that they survive the trip back to Tampa with no accidents. The total price for these 2 exquisite pieces? $290 pesos!

From Capula, we headed back on the highway to Quiroga. Had a TERRIFIC late lunch at a wonderful roadside restaurant just past the village of El Tigre. We had tacos with carne asada and rice with mole sauce. It was one of the best meals of our trip - but very hard to decide on THE BEST when all are SO delicious!!

Because our lunch was so late, we didnīt get a chance to try the famous carnitas of Quiroga. We took a look at the FABULOUS restored church there - the ceiling is absolutely amazing!!! Then wandered around the town, but didnīt buy anything more.

From Quiroga, it was back to Patzcuaro where we had quesadillas (which look like empanadas) at La Surtidora along with Don Julio reposado con Sangrita and gin "on the rocas" for Mike.

We had some WONDERFUL moments with Jaime today - exploring a better understanding of both of our languages. He explained the local use of "con su permiso" to me, and we explained to him why the BIMBO trucks and food products, along with the soccer shirts are SO funny to folks from the USA! HAH!!

Jaime also regaled us with a story about what it means to be a Godfather to a local Tarascan girl!!! Just ONE of his duties was to have a shot of tequila with EVERY SINGLE GUEST at the MUCH, MUCH more!!!! I would LOVE to be able to witness one of these weddings with all the cermonies, meals and obligations!

So now itīs time to pack and bid a somewhat sad farewell to beautiful Patzcuaro, that has REALLY captured our hearts!

Tomorrow itīs on to Uruapan and then from there to Zihua.

I hope to be able to report once again tomorrow evening...IF we have an Internet connection.

Reporting live from Patzcuaro...JoanieBlon

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