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Escrito por Jerad desde ( el día martes, 18 de mayo, 2010 a las 01:00:31 horas :

Part 1

I am a long time reader of this board and have to thank all that post for their recommendations and knowledge of the area. I felt this trip to Zihuatanejo was my chance to give back a little to the community. My girlfriend and I just returned from a fantastic trip this past week, it was our fourth together and best yet. I myself am always interested in what people are eating so my try-to-be-short report will be centered around food... and Z has some of the best food I have found in Mexico.

We arrived from California on Alaska, found a great fare at about 350 round trip per person and had a quick week away from work planned. We stayed at Villas San Sebastian, which we were returning to for the third time and find it a home away from home. The locat1on is great, it's in the center of La Ropa just slightly on the hillside above The Tides. La Ropa Beach is definitely becoming filled with expensive places to stay but Villas San Sebastian still offers a fantastic Mexico experience for a more than reasonable rate. The villas are located behind the Tides on the hillside and offer a spectacular view of the entire bay. The reason we stay there and probably what keeps us coming to Z in general are the people. Luis runs the hotel and Mario takes care of the property, both go out of their way to make sure the guests are extremely satisfied. A perfect example is my GF asked about the mangos and the season for them here. The next day Mario had delivered us 5 mangos from his tree to our kitchen counter, they didn't last too long (amazing how good some of the fruit is isn't it). So... it didn't take long until we went 50 yards down the road to Paty's and had a drink... or a few. Of course my significant other noticed the massage studio upstairs and for 300 pesos we couldn't resist later in the trip. The beach was perfect, weather perfect, the people perfect, hard to find much better than 7:30ish in Z on the beach especially with the view of La Ropa in the background.

We ate breakfast at Z pancake house numerous times for great atmosphere and friendly people. Margaritas is also a favorite of ours. I always order the huevos rancheros and its fantastic. Amazing the quality of food and surroundings for the price in the morning. My girlfriend ordered french toast with strawberries at the pancake house and would probably eat there (that meal) over any restaurant for breakfast here in LA. For the sake of getting long, I'll skip forward quickly.

Luis at the hotel told us to rent some bikes and check out the bike path in Ixtapa. The breeze was fantastic and the bike path is really a great thing to do; plus you end at Playa Linda to see the crocodiles. We heard about some fresh wild plums on the side of the path and enjoyed a few along the way. We had fresh juice all over the place in El Centro and took the 35 peso cab fare every day into town to eat, shop, and do what tourists do. The place to note for food were Il Mediterraneo near the harbor in the town of Z. Had great fish tacos, caesar salad, lasagna (we ended up eating amazing food and the variety available and the quality was superb). Julian, the owner of the restaurant, was so friendly and sat with us for a few minutes to talk about his experiences in and out of Z. Again, the people are just so great. I love the shredded chicken tortas at 100% Y (I think that is the name) which is located in the circle in Z before El Centro. An amazing meal for under 10 dollars and healthy; highly recommend a meal there.

I'll write part 2 tomorrow, didn't realize it was getting so late, wish I was walking with a salted lime victoria, but don't think work would tolerate that tomorrow.

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