Part 2

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Part 2:

Continuing on, we ate at La Perla for a beautiful sunset meal in the evening. The food was good, but we go there for the beach dining and view more than the meal itself. La Ropa Beach was extremely peaceful this whole trip and rather quiet in the evenings. We had pizza and some ribs for a nice change at La Piccola (I could be way off on that name so forgive me) then had an interesting few beers at Zorros around the corner. Interesting because of the people and stories being thrown around.

On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to be able to sit and have service at The Tides hotel. It was rather quiet, so I approached the very friendly bartenders and asked if it would be possible to sit in the lounges since we were paying for drinks and food. Surprisingly, they allowed it. We tried again on another day, but the manager wanted the 25 dollar per person fee that normally goes with the chairs despite the fact you may spend a small fortune there eating and drinking. I don't understand the way some places run their business especially when empty, but I'm on vacation so I didn't want to argue that much. The fajitas are amazing regardless, not cheap, but still one of our favorite things at The Tides to eat. They give you enough to split if you are inclined to share. The service and lounges are first class all the way so you will definitely enjoy yourself if you want a more "plush" experience. On another day we saw all the locals eating what looked like tortas at a counter. I had to try one. It was on the street near the Bancomer atm's in town. I had a cuban torta which set me back 18 pesos and was rather fantastic. They used hot dogs in the sandwich, some ham and I think shredded chicken, delicious. I wish I knew the name to recommend it to those wanting a nice taste of what I guess would be considered "street" food.

On our last night we decided to go to Amuleto, neither of us had been there before and heard it was beautiful. A taxi drove us up the hill and we entered what I thought could be one of the most beautiful settings I have seen yet. If you haven't been, go have drinks there just to experience it. I would call first though, since they asked two times if we had reservations. We didn't though. What a view and what a nice relaxing bar area. We had drinks looking at sunset in the Indonesian style bar, there were a few couples there but it wasn't busy. We looked at the menu but the price fix scared us a little since there wasn't many non fish options for my GF. After a few margaritas and constant talk of the pure beauty of Amuleto, we decided to try a place we go by every year, Zihua Blue. I had heard it was closed, open, closed, etc, but this year we checked for ourselves. The food and experience was just great. Wonderful salads and pastas and just overall a very positive dinner at Z Blue. The prices are very reasonable for the quality of food we had. My GF loved the caprese there. We had a few international style meals, all of which were great in the area. Julian from Il Mediterraneo even recommended a local chinese place said to be wonderful, next time.

We did the usual, bought coffee, spent money at the local vendors, tequila shopping at Casa Tequila, and a lot of walking to explore the town. It was starting to heat up but we were fortunate to have nice ocean breezes throughout our trip which are more the welcome when walking around the beach and town.

We both are still talking about the great time we had there and will be back shortly. Sorry for the choppy writing and lack of formatting, but just wanted to document a few of our experiences. Of course also thanks again to all, especially Rob the moderator of this site for the work he does here and in the community. If you are a "lurker" here just thinking of taking a trip to Z, make it a reality, you won't regret it in the least. What an amazing place and again what amazing people. Truly special.

Hasta Luego.

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