Adios a Patzcuaro Encantada......A Few More Experiences

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After our final delicioso desayuno at La Casa Encantada ~ a beans, corn & cheese quiche ~ we gathered our belongings together for our trip over to Uruapan. We had hired a private driver in advance for the trip ~ which was all downhill from the highlands of Patzcuaro.

Here's a few things that I left out of my last report ....
We went to Josť Torres' Catrina workshop in Capula and were HONORED to be taken by his wife to view the BEAUTIFUL property there, along with all the wonderful sculptures that adorn it. We viewed Sr. Torres' gallery, which is housed in a chapel on his property, and had the GREAT priviledge of being invited to view his private studio, which had MANY wondeful paintings.

Sr. Torres has produced a series of large paintings chronicaling the "Women of the Mexican Revolution," which will be on display quite soon in a museum in Morelia. These paintings were simply breathtaking and some of them virtually brought me to tears while viewing them. I would LOVE to be able to see the show once all the painting are in place in Morelia!

We also were introduced to Sr. y Sra. Torres' BEAUTIFUL daughter who is an artist in her own right ~ making lovely embroidered bolsas with all sorts of interesting decorations.

AND....reagarding the $6000 peso mask, we finally decided to go ahead and buy it! :~D Jaime, our guide, was kind enough to take a $1000 peso deposit and give it to Felipe Horta, the artesan, so it wouldn't be sold. We will make arrangements upon our return to Tampa to pay the remainder we owe and to have it wrapped, packaged and shipped to us. We now need to pick out a place of honor in our Mexico room to display it properly.

Right before leaving La Casa Encantada, I inquired about making reservations for Noche y Dia de los Muertos in 2011. They are already TOTALLY BOOKED, so as soon as we return to Tampa, I need to get hopping on reserving a room! We already have Jaime Balderas booked....I can't BELIEVE our buena suerte with that!

And so...on to Uruapan!!

BUT ~ ALREADY missing Patzcuaro..... :~(

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