One Afternoon in Uruapan

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We left Patzcuaro about 9:30am and arrived at Hotel Mi Solar in Uruapan about 10:30am. I need to look up how many feet (1000s???) that we dropped in altitude....the trip was almost ALL downhill ~ complete with warning signs about using your engine to break your speed and runaway truck ramps...."follow la linea roja."

The trip was quite pleasant with lovely views of mountains and fertile valleys, orchards, and acres and acres and ACRES of avocado trees. Uruapan is considered "the Avocado Capital of the World."

After the colonial beauty of Morelia, Patzcuaro, and the villages around the lake, Uruapan was a bit of a letdown. However, our hotel, Mi Solar, is REALLY lovely, and our room is exquisite with a king bed with a sumptuous hand-carved headboard, FREE DVDs, FREE Wi-Fi, a HUGE marble shower and AC! ;~)

The hotel is a converted colonial mansion adjacent to the main plaza. It has 2 courtyards and MANY interesting furnishings. The staff is extremely cordial and there are several employees who speak English quite well, so that was helpful for us.

After checking in, we decided to enjoy cold cerbezas in the inner courtyard before heading out for the Parque Nacional Cupatitzio.

The hotel's owner, who speaks very good English approached us to let us know that since I booked our reservations last Fall, there has been a promotion, and so, our rate which had been $1200 pesos per night with a full breakfast will NOW be about $1000! We were FLOORED that the owner volunteered to give us a REDUCED rate!

We had encountered a tiny problem about not receiving a receipt from Parhikuni Bus Lines when I booked and paid for our bus reservations online, so we decided to run over to the bus station to make sure everything was OK. I had printed out an explanation in Spanish regarding the problem, but there was an employee at the office who spoke pretty good English (which surprised us). He went and checked things out on the computer and assured us that everything was OK ~ all we have to do is show up about 8:00am tomorrow, show our passports at the boarding area, and we will be able to board our bus for Zihua at 8:25am!

From the bus station, we decided to go have a fresh trout lunch at the Parque Nationale. We told the taxi driver that "quiremos ir al restuarante en el parque que sirven la trucha." He dropped us at the main entrance to the park. BTW ~ taxi fare anywhere in the main part of Uruapan is $25 pesos.

Admission to the park was just $12 pesos for adults. I asked the person collecting tickets where the restaurant was. I recieved a VERY lengthy answer (eek!) But got the general idea to stay on the trail and we would find the restaurant ~ EVENTUALLY!!!

I inquired along the trail from various vendors...they kept pointing ONWARD! ;~) The trail through the park gives you MANY beautiful vistas of assorted waterfalls and tropical foliage. It's REALLY lovely. The trail is paved from rough stones and involves quite a few steps up and down along the way. Mike's feet were bothering him, so he ~ and I ~ were both anxious to get to the restaurant. We FINALLY got to the Salida and found what we were looking for ~ the restaurant at Mansion del Cupatitzio. What a BEAUTIFUL hotel with lovely gardens!! We were quite happy to arrive at our destination. We decided on an outside table adjacent to the swimming pool, overlooking the interior courtyard gardens.

I had the grilled trucha stuffed with cured Spanish jamon and capers ~ with grilled veggied and Mediterranean style rice with pecans at $120 pesos. Mike had the trucha con hierbas with same side dishes at $100 pesos. Both of our meals were WONDERFUL and the surroundings only added to our enjoyment. As a side note ~ I find it GREAT that NICE restaurants here bring up wooden stands with hooks to the table for ladies to hang their bags on!!! USA restaurants should adopt this custom. Two places that we ate at in Morelia did this as well.

Following lunch, we took a taxi to the Plaza Central and strolled around for awhile, taking pictures of various historic buildings, balloon vendors, and other intesting things.

We are now sitting in the second courtyard of Hotel Mi Solar, enjoying Micheladas, peanuts and olives and the soothings sounds of Frank Sinatra! I wonder if they're playing the English CDs for our benefit?? ;~)

We'll enjoy some botanas (appetizers) before heading off to bed ~ and then TOMORROW ~ off to Zihua and Brisas del Mar!

Reporting live from Hotel Mi Solar ~ Uruapan....


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