Our First Day in Zihuatanejo

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Eeeek!! Typing on a Spanish keyboard that has been set up like an English keyboard!!! And I am NOT a totally "touch" typer! :~O

Had an "interesting" ticket situation at the Parhikuni counter in Urhaupan ~ I had bought and paid for our tickets in advance on the Parhikuni website, but did NOT get a receipt from the website for them ~ a computer glitch, I guess..... I KNEW this was probably going to be an issue, and figured that having anyone who spoke English at the station would be highly doubtful, so I printed out a screen capture of my Parhikuni "shopping cart," the charge from Parhikuni on my credit card, and a translated explanation of what had happened and brought those with me. After lots of hubbub anongst the staff there, we were finally allowed to board the bus after showing them our passports. As it turned out, there was NO need to buy the tickets in advance, as there were only 7 adults and 2 kids on the 40 seat bus. We were each given a choice of a bottle of water or a canned beverage and a REALLY tasty cookie to have for a snack in transit. The bus was ULTRA comfy. Two movies were shown in transit ~ one dubbed in Spanish and the other in English with Spanish subtitles.

The trip from Uruapan to Zihuatanejo took a little under 4 hours. We left at 8:30am and arrived about 12:15pm. The scenery along the way was interesting.

Upon arrival at the Zihua bus station, we took a taxi straight over to Hotel Brisas del Mar. I was VERY dissapointed when I was told that we would not be able to stay in the room I had requested MANY months ago ~ and had been confirmed to stay in ~ #107...Chimalpa, which has a VERY wide balcony with a jacuzzi AND a large hammock. We were told that because it is low season, they have totally closed that side of the hotel (and they are doing some renovating there). We were given a "complimentary upgrade" to suite #15, which has a jacuzzi ~ AND shares an outside kitchen and living area with another suite ~ which at the moment is unoccupied.

Our suite is quite nice, although we've had a few issues with it....the AC started dripping out LOADS of water in the middle of the night and the fridge barely keeps our beer cold ~ we have it in the freezer ~ which won't freeze anything...

OMG!!!! This keyboard is making me CRAZY! Also, the hotel has free Wi-fi, BUT the signal is SO weak we can't access it from our room. Think that I'll drag our laptop up here the next time I try to get online.

Took a taxi over to Comercial Mexicana to pick up fruit and juices for our breakfasts ~ also beer and some tequila.
Got into a HUGE fight with the taxi driver. I checked at the hotel desk before we left to make CERTAIN that the fare was 25 pesos. The hotel called the taxi. When we arrived at the store, he insisted that the fare was 35 pesos. Well, all I had was a 20 peso note and a 10 peso coin OR a 50 peso note. He INSISTED that he couldn't break the 50 peso note, SO, after LOTS of bickering back and forth, I literally threw the note at him and we got out of the taxi.

Our return ride was ALSO interesting! I told the driver, "Queremos ir al Hotel Brisas del Mar." He set off in a direction that was NOT the way we came over. After asking what was going on, we discovered that HE thought that we wanted to go to Brisas del Mar in IXTAPA!!! NOPE! From now on, we'll be sure to say Brisas del Mar en Playa Madera! The taxi driver apologized profoundly. Our fare was the proper 25 pesos. I need to ask at the desk, if the custom here is like it is in Spain ~ if you CALL a taxi, over there they charge you for the time it took them to get from where they were to where you are. If you hail the taxi, then it's just the regular fare....

Had a nice, but PRICEY lunch at the hotel's restaurant ~ Bistro del Mar. It IS lovely, though, and the food was very good. We had tiny dorado tacos and empanadas.

Strolled along Calle Adelita and stopped in at Nardo's for a couple of Micheladas and some ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL ceviche de dorado (mahi-mahi). For 3 Michelada's and LARGE serving of ceviche that they split between the two of us on separate plates, the bill was just $110 pesos. The gentleman who served us advised us that "tomorrow" (today) they would be serving pozole, and so we are DEFINITELY going there for our lunch! Mike wants more of the ceviche, which was prepared in a tomato base ~ different than we have ever had it. YUUUM!!!

While we were enjoying our ceviche, a small boy approached me well little hand-made bobble head animals. I asked, "Cuanto cuesta?" He replied TWENTY FIVE pesos. I asked "Veinticinco pesos?" He replied TWENTY FIVE pesos. Mike and I had to checkle, as he knew what to say in English, but didn't know what it should be in Spanish. I bought a cute pavo real (peacock) as a "recuerdo" of that little incident.

We strolled into town across the footbridge, and I spotted Lupita's shop. I bought a LOVELY orange embroidered blusa hecha a mano.

Mike's feet were getting tired (he has foot problems) so we sauntered back along the footpath from the Centro to Brisas del Mar. After relaxing on the balcony viewing the bay and the activities there, we decided that we were still a little bit hungry, so we headed up to the rooftop bar for their Happy Hour. Closed on Wednesdays. :~( So...headed down to Bistro del Mar to order a little pizza to split. NO pizza after 6pm... :~( SO...ended up ordering a REALLY REALLY good grilled mango and shrimp salad and some rice with shrimp & octopus to split. It WAS yummy!

Ended our day relaxing in the jacuzzi and listening to the sound of the surf.

Mike's waiting, so that's it for our first day in Zihau.

The water seems acceptibly warm...So....MAY go in today. Not sure. Plus...I want to try out the water slide in our pool.

JoanieBlon ~ reporting live from Brisas del Mar en Playa Madera...

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