Day 2 in Zihuatanejo

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Thursday! Pozole Day!

We got up and had our jugo de tomate con limones y bananas, manzanas Y naranjas for our desayuno while sitting out at the dining table on our balcony at Las Brisas del Mar.

I'm quite accustomed to tropical foliage, as we live in Tampa, but I have to say that the gardens in this hotel are really lovely and well taken care of. All sorts of tropical flowers, plants and vines, along with assorted fruits ~ limes, "ugly" fruit ~ the ones with the spines and also pomagranates.

After breakfast, the day started out on sort of a bad note ~ while eye-balling some limes to bring back to our room, Mike missed a small step down onto a patio and took a very bad fall. Nothing broken, but he apparently sprained his right foot. It's not bruised, but it's swollen and hurting him. He already has some foot problems, so we must curtail our walking around some. Thank goodness for cheap taxis here ~ any plenty of them!

At some point, if I find some "spare" time (LOL!) I want to do a report of differences in food and beverages here as compared to Playa del Carmen and "Mexican" food in the USA. As a brief note, we have found that there are 3 different types of Micheladas offered here: Micheladas Michoacana (or Guerrero), Micheladas con Clamato (Canadian style) and Micheladas a la Cubana, which is the way we like them.....and FUERTE!

We walked into the Centro along the beachwalk footpath...then explored the local tiendas a bit. We stopped into Atoles y Tamales Any for Micheladas, which arrived with lots of chips and all sorts of salsas.

After wandering around a bit more, he headed off for Nardos on Calle Adelita, as it was Pozole Day and I definitely wanted some!!! Nardos is a very nice little place that we had tried out the day before ~ their ceviche was outstanding and the service was VERY personal.

I ordered pozole verde and Mike ordered the whole grilled fish (red snapper) with ajo (garlic) at $130 pesos. His fish arrived with all sorts of sides ~ boiled pigs' knuckles, radishes, fried corn tortillas, avocado, etc. Mike said it was THE BEST fish he had ever had in his life, and declared that we MUST return to Nardo's again before we leave! My pozole was absolutely OUTSTANDING. My only regret is that we won't be here another Thursday so I can have MORE!!!! NARDO'S, IMHO, is a DO NOT MISS when you are in Zihua!

After our comida, we headed back to Las Brisas to chill out a bit and give Mike's foot a rest. We changed into our bathing suites and lounged in the hotel pool for a bit. I went down the water slide 4 or 5 times, which was GREAT fun! We then relaxed in the poolside loungers (you can hear the sound of the surf plainly) while I had a Caipirinia and Mike had another Michelada.

After going to get cleaned up a bit from the pool, we went up to the "Rooftop Bar" where we ordered Happy Hour drinks (2 for 1) from Federico, the bartender.

At that point, we thought that we would call it a night, as Mike's foot was REALLY bothering him, BUT we decided that we were both still a bit hungry, so decided to take a taxi into town for a small bite to eat. We went door to door ~ hotel to Antoles y Tamales Any. I had a tamal (puerco con salsa verde) and Mike had some VERY good dried, marinated beef a la Guerrero. Both meals were just the right amount and VERY good! We stepped out the door and hailed a cab right back to our hotel ~ specifying Las Brisas en la Playa Madera. NO MORE problemos. I also have to say that after the first problem with the one RUDE taxi driver, we have not had any more problems. We see that he hangs in rotation at the foot of the hill in Calle Adelita, SO...if we get HIM, we will refuse him... :~(

Both Mike and I agree that we REALLY like Zihua. It seems so less "touristy" than Play del Carmen, where we have been going...and I am CERTAIN that we will return!

Mike's waiting in our room to go out for our comida for the afternoon ~ moost likely Paty's en la Playa Ropa, so....for now...reporting live from Brisas del Mar en Playa Madera Zihua...

Your reporter....JoanieBlon

MORE Manana!

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