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Hola once again from Z ~

Mike and I had a light breakfast of apples and tomato juice on our balcony overlooking the bay ~ then decided to head of out to the Mercado Central to have a look at what was happening there.

Instead of walking, we took a taxi directly to the Mercado. Mike's foot has improved a tiny bit, but is still bothering him, so we have decided to take taxis for the long distances, and then stroll around slowly once we have arrived at our destination. Thanks for all the suggestions and comments regarding doctors here. We are certain that he did not break his foot, BUT, on arriving home, if he doesn't see considerable improvement within a week, he'll get checked out by our podiatrist.

We strolled around and picked up some fruit and a couple of rolls for our upcoming breakfasts. I purchased a hand of small bananas and a papaya at a very popular stand ~ total price? 8 pesos! Amazing! While we were there, someone else bought a HUGE cauliflower bigger than a person's head! I had forgotton to bring along one of my several woven plastic shopping bags (I now have FIVE) I bought another medium sized ones for 25 pesos.

Although we found the Mercado quite interesting, we were so totally blown away by the one in Patzcuaro with the many Tarascans doing business there, that we weren't as impressed with the one here in Z ~ although I commented to Mike that you could buy almost ANYTHING you wanted there ~ or within several need for a Wal-Mart.

We then wandered around downtown a bit. I had wanted to check out the location of Los Braceros restaurant. I had printed out the map the the Centro, but discovered that Los Braceros wasn't located where it was shown on the map. Did they move? At any rate ~ we found them ~ in the same block and on the same side as Atoles y Tamales Any going towards Benito Juarez.

We both decided we were a bit hungry at this point, so went in for a mid-morning snack. We both had sincronizadas ~ Mike had a ham and cheese and I had a "Gringa." There was a group of ladies in the restaurant apparently celebrating a birthday, and so we were treated to ALL manners of "Las Mañanitas" ~ even one by the Chipmunks!

After our snack, continued wandering around the Centro taking photos. We finally arrived at the Artesan's market on Cinco de Mayo, which was mobbed with kids ~ perhaps on some school trip?? This area, along with the shops adjacent to the waterfront, were the only ones were people called out to us to buy things ~ and they weren't obnoxious about it.

I eventually got into a shop with some VERY high quality embroidered clothing and purchased a STUNNING, dark orange blouse with yellowish HEAVY front and back geometric embroidery. I forgot to ask the seller where it's from. I may try to get back there again and find out, or will be doing some research on the internet.

We stopped by La Sirena Gorda to get out of the sun and to have a Michelada. Very nice place. We may go back there for a meal.

Headed back by taxi to Las Brisas del Mar to unload our shopping bag and then head out for our main meal of the day.

We decided to try Paty's, as there have been so many positive comments about the place. We settled into one of the more permanent palapa topped tables with a nice view of the bay. In retrospect, this was a good choice, as we didn't get pummeled by the HUGE waves later like the folks in front of us did!

We ordered ceviche de mariscos (it's called something different on the menu) and we both ordered the whole grilled red snapper con ajo. Both items very very good, although Mike said that he really felt that the grilled snapper at Nardos was superior, so we will be heading back there again to order grilled fish. Nardos, of course doesn't have the view. In fairness to Paty's, the price was exactly the same ~ $130 pesos for the whole grilled fish, so there aren't jacking up the prices just because the are on the beach.

I noted that Hotel Catalina was right next to Paty's. These places reminded us a great deal of what you will find all along the beach in Playa del Carmen. Some of the places there even have double beds with canopies and drink and meal service brought to you....Mamitas in Playa comes to mind.

After our delicious meal, we wandered around a bit taking more photos, and then grabbed a cab where they all wait up the street from Paty's.

We decided to go to Las Brisas del Mar's roof top bar for Happy Hour *doubles at the price of singles* and be entertained by the charming Federico. We got to see some absolutely HUGE waves breaking! We were wondering how the folks who own the house out on the point with all the rocks ~ towards Playa Ropa ~ the one that has a white cross ~ were doing. We were CERTAIN that the waves were crashing up into their patio ~ possibly even into their living area.

At one point, the waves came up SO high under our hotel, I wondered if the Bistro del Mar restaurant there got flooded.

We struck up a converation with a guy from Canada who is traveling to South America on his motorbike! The converation was so entertaining, and we were so full from our late comida, that we decided not to go out for the remainder of the night...and so eventually went to sleep, lulled by the sounds of the crashing waves.

Today!!! We are enrolled for Monica Duran's cooking school at 12 noon. Need to get going...

Reporting live from Las Brisas del Mar ~ JoanieBlon

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