Another great year in Zihua

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Escrito por Blue Mama desde ( el día sábado, 22 de mayo, 2010 a las 22:00:54 horas :

Well yet another amazing magical time In ZIHUA. No wonder I cant move on from the place!!
As a lone female traveler I am so happy to report nothing but fantastic treatment I recieve in Zihua. It restores my faith in humanity and boosts my spirit from Norht American world weariness . I had nothing but Respect and generosity, smiles and openness...EVERY DAY! Almost daily I was asked to join in with happy Mexican families...even had to eat oysters and survived with a smile in my heart. Made many fast freinds and recieved invites all over Mexico. Deaf Pavlo healed my knees and soothed my heart. Franco and Joel always made me feel so welcome and we had some great laughs as they accompanied me home .Though I didnt have the opportunity to ever learn Spanish and had little exposure to it during my life I tried to speak my bad spanish all the time and everyone was always so happy to help me out and make me feel confident! Im in love with Mexicans deep down in my heart and I dont think this will ever change. It is always really hard to leave but when i do i come back a better person. MUCHAS GRACIAS ZIHUA!!

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