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We decided to try to do a more "laid back" day, as Mike's sprained foot was still bothering him.

We decided to take a light late breakfast/early lunch at Bistro del Mar so we could sit up front and watch the HUGE waves! It seemed to be high tide, as they were crashing right up onto the footpath. I had the gazpacho, which was quite tasty and Mike had arroz frito con pulpo y camarones which he also enjoyed.

We headed off for Monica's cooking class, which is located at the bottom of the very steep hill in Calle Adelita. As I mentioned before, we hope to be able to take one of her classes on a return trip, but unfortunately this time it didn't work out for us.

We circled back to the hotel on the footpath, which was QUITE an experience, as we had to dodge the waves breaking on it. This route to Brisas del Mar is fairly flat, so it was better for Mike's foot than attempting to hike back up the STEEP hill!

We decided to take a taxi into town and chill out watching the waves at the place with the primitive palapa on Playa Municipal that advertises the $10 peso beers. (Next to the one where the owner chopped down the palm tree) We each nursed a Michelada for a very long time, and enjoyed watching all the Mexican families out on the beach. It was really heartwarming and far as we could tell, we were the only Gringos around. Very few tourists in town right now.

After that, we decided to head back to the hotel to relax for awhile (as if we hadn't been relaxing already!). To be honest, because we live close to beaches, our vacations very often are Go-Go-Go...with tours and constantly DOING things...sometimes it's hard to slow down.

We settled into the lounges on our balcony overlooking the pool and the bay....Mike took a nap (good for him to elevate his feet) while I read one of the books I brought along with me on my Kindle ~ "Under Their Thumb" which is about the Rolling Stones. It's a REAL eye opener and a GREAT read if you enjoy the Stones...

Mike had seen a diente de tiburon (shark's tooth) several days earlier that he had liked but hadn't bought due to the price, but now decided that he wanted it.

I have a question regarding pricing of silver and silver mounted with stone and other materials....

The pendant that he liked had a very large shark's tooth surrounded by silver ~ more tooth than silver. The salesgirl we were working with looked at the little sticky tag on the piece (which I have always assumed had some sort of formula to use for pricing ~ silver vs. other possibly precious materials) and then weighed it, as usual, on the gram scale. The price she gave us was about $1,625 pesos. Mike thought it was more than he wanted to pay THAT day, so didn't buy it. He did end up buying a VERY nice all silver shrimp pendant.

Yesterday, we went in, with Mike FULLY intending to buy the shark's tooth pendant. A young man looked at the tag, weighed it and told us the price was $1,090 pesos ~a LARGE drop from the previous visit. We said FINE...wrap it up! Mike would have bought it at that point if the price was $1,625 ~ which is what we were expecting. Then the girl who had weighed the piece several days ago came out from the back. She and the young man got into a discussion. She came over to us, weighed the piece again and told us that she remembered us from the other day and that the price was $1,350 pesos. After getting 3 different prices on the pendant, in a nice shop that obviously doesn't barter, we were both a bit taken back about just what was going on. Mike decided he didn't want it once again due to being given 3 different prices ~ but COULD change his mind...

Can anyone explain the ins and outs of purchasing jewelry this way? Just exactly what is going on? We've purchased numerous silver pieces in Playa del Carmen and assumed we knew what was happening ~ but now I'm not so sure....

After the jewelry episode, we decided that we were both a bit hungry, so decided on Atoles y Tamales Any which was close by. We had eaten there before and liked the place and the food. I had pozole (on Saturday no less!) and Mike had enchiladas with red mole. My "small" serving of green pozole with chicken at $95 pesos was SO large, I could only eat about 1/2 of it!

We headed back to our hotel after an enjoyable day. We both have decided that we love this area of Mexico and the people here as well, so we will most definitely be returning!

As I write this ~ it's Sunday morning here...our last full day.... we plan to head over to El Manglar in early afternoon for our main meal and then go to the basketball court this evening to take in all the activities.

Reporting live from Brisas del Mar Zihuatanejo..


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