Sunday in Zihuatanejo: Our LAST Day...

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After our normal morning rountine of sort of taking it easy and enjoying a bit of fruit and some fruit juice, we decided to take a taxi out to Playa Ropa as we wanted to have lunch at El Manglar.

We got there about 11:30am, and it wasn't open yet, so we meandered along the beach and finally decided to go into El Pirata to have a Michelada and get out of the sun.

El Pirata has a very nice, large palapa, which looks quite new.

While ordering our Micheladas, we decided to get an order of ceviche to split between us, as we were getting a little bit hungry. We got the Mixta, which had shrimp, octopus, and conch in a somewhat sweet tasting red sauce, which seems to be the typical style for this area. In the Yucatan, and also in Tampa, the prevailing style is a tarter one which primarily has lime juice and cilantro.

The ceviche was tasty, but we both agreed that we liked the one that we got at Nardos the best, followed by the one we got at Atoles y Tamales Any on Calle Ejido. We both rated the one at El Pirata 3rd.

We had a great time again watching the various Mexican families out enjoying their Sunday at the beach. It seems that there are a GREAT number of "tour" buses that come into Zihua during the weekend from outlying communities bring folks who want to spend a few hours at the beach.

At this point, we decided to wander back down to El Manglar to see if it was open. Yes! The chain had been removed from the beachfront entrance to the walkway back to the restaurant. One of the quite large resident crocodilos was lounging in the estuary right up by the beach. He was *somewhat* hindered from running right out onto the beach by a chainlink fench erected there, but IF he had wanted to, he could have lunged right up onto the walkway and grabbed our legs....Our server told us that there are 2 adult crocodilos and five young ones now ~ but we didn't see any of them.

However, we did spot MANY medium sized iguanas up in the trees and loads of nesting birds ~ they looked like some sort of heron. I made a trip to the servicios and discovered a VERY large tree frog in the corner! This small area is absolutely teaming with wildlife! Almost forgot to mention the fluffy marmalade cat named Paco Taco who sat at our feet and looked longinly at us for scraps. He looked WELL fed! ;~)

I ordered 3 small deep fried fish tacos which contained ground fish and some sort of tasty sauce ~ I added onions and salsa. Mike decided to go with a hamburger, which he said was "ok."

Following our meal, we wandered around a bit and then hailed a taxi to take us back to Brisas del Mar. Mike wanted to take his daily afternoon siesta. I decided to take a quick walk into town to get a few more pesos from the ATM on Calle Ejido across the street from Atoles & Tamales Any. I spied the Michoacana ice cream stand across the street and decided to endulge in one of the small $10 peso blue cups of Coco...YUUM! I will REALLY miss the selling style of ice cream in Mexico, as almost all the time, all I really want is a small "taste" ~ not a HUGE serving that costs more than $3.00 here...

Walking from Brisas del Mar to the ATM, getting my pesos, ice cream, and walking back took only about 40 minutes total, for those of you who are curious how far the hotels and condos at Playa Madera are from the Centro.

I sat and read for awhile ~ Mike finally got up ~ and then we decided to head back into town to see what activities might be starting up at the basketball court by Playa Municipal. It was pretty early, so not too many people had shown up yet, but the vendors were getting their stands set up. We wandered around, hoping to spot an elote vendor ~ but no luck. Should have bought some from one of the ladies on Plaza Principal in Patzcuaro.

We wandered along the street and then out onto the pier. Even though the waves had subsided cosiderably from what they had been the past few days, folks were still having a pretty rough time getting off the little boats from Playa Las Gatas.

We decided to stop in again at La Sirena Gorda for a beer. We had been there on another day and liked it.

I feel compelled at this point to say HOW CLEAN all the the public and restaurant restrooms we used during this whole trip were. VERY tidy. To be honest, I have to say that the majority of the ones in Playa del Carmen that we have encountered are simply DISGUSTING. (I will also add that everytime we leave Mexico, I have have a hard time going back to putting la papel in la cesta instead of in the toilet.)

We strolled around the basketball court again, but no elote con crema y queso...a DJ was setting up and had some music playing pretty LOUD! Mike's feet were beginning to bother him, so we decided to grab a taxi to take us back to Brisas del Mar.

We decided to have a very light supper at Bistro del Mar ~
I had the EXCELLENT green salad with grilled mangos and shrimp. This restaurant offers up some very tasty breads and rolls along with your meal. Instead of butter, they bring out a dish of mayonnaise! Mike had the cheese and beef quesadillas, which in Tampa we would call empanadas. What we would recognize as quesadillas are referred to as sinchronizadas! (Which we enjoyed one morning at Los Braceros) A rose is a rose ~ once you get the names straightened out!

We also had some sorting out of Micheladas to do in the beginning. When you order a Michelada in the Riviera Maya, you get ~ at least we always have ~ beer (brand of your choice) plus Maggi OR Salsa Ingles (Worchestershire Sauce) plus lime juice plus Tabasco served with ice in the glass and salt on the rim. In the entire central area of Mexico that we visited, we had THREE choices for Micheladas ~ the one I just described, which is referred to as a Michelada a la Cubana; the polular local variety, which has just lime juice ~ no salsas; OR one that's beer and Clamato ~ which in some establishments is called a "Lesbiana." Not sure where the name comes for that one??? Anybody have a clue?

After our meal, we headed upstairs to sit out on our balcony and listen to the sounds of the surf, knowing that the next day, we would be headed back to Tampa...

We LOVED Zihuatanejo ~ its people, its feel...everything about it...and we WILL be back! Probably won't be headed back to Playa del Carmen for a LONG time.

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