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We got a taxi from Brisas del Mar to the airport at about 11:15am. Our "international" flight (to Houston) was scheduled to leave about 2:30pm. so we were sort of aiming at being there 3 hours before the flight.

That was NOT necessary. The Continental counter staff didn't even make a move toward checking folks in until after 12 noon. As at the Cancun airport, ALL of our bags ~ checked, carry-ons, personal items, etc., were hand-checked by security staff before we were allowed to get our boarding passes at the counter.

We had a bite to eat at the airport restaurant in spite of what I had read here. Did it for the ease of it.... As I posted a bit earlier, what we had was "ok" ~ tasty actually ~ but the service was VERY slow and the prices were a somewhat high...typical of airports everywhere.

We went through the "Salidas" security in record time ~ had our carry-ons x-rayed and one bag also "sniffed" for explosives. Before we boarded our plane, our bags were hand searched again and I was also thoroughly patted down by a female employee. LOTS of security!! But we don't mind at all...

If we had arrived at the airport 1-1/2 hours before our flight, it would have been FINE. Just 4 departure gates to deal with, so there aren't a whole lot of people. There was one flight that left for Mexico City a little bit before ours, so the terminal wasn't crowded at all. All I kept thinking of is WHAT A FREAKIN' ZOO THE CANCUN AIRPORT IS compared to either Ixtapa/Zihua or Morelia!

Our flight to Houston actually left 20 minutes ahead of schedule. It was the FIRST time we actually taxied down the runway to get in place for take-off! NO other traffic.

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