Las Olas Grandes en Playa Madera - PHOTOS

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Escrito por JoanieBlon () via proxy desde ( el día jueves, 27 de mayo, 2010 a las 08:48:27 horas :

These photos were taken about 11am on Saturday, May 22nd at Bistro del Mar ~ Brisas del Mar's beachfront restaurant. The waves were breaking so high that several times we vacated our table as we were afraid they would break over the wall. One lady jogger on the footpath did not move quickly enough and got TOTALLY drenched, much to her disgust!

The wait staff obviously had never seen anything like these waves, as they were busy taking photos of them with their cell phones. Several of them clambered out onto the rocks right in front of the restaurant so others could take their pictures. One of them ~ the waiter in the white apron ~ got pretty wet. I'm sure he had to change his clothes.

See the guy is the purple shirt? He got out on the rocks, took a look at the wave that was headed his way, and decided it was WAY TOO BIG to be standing there. In the photo, he's making a dash back to safety.... ;~)

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