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The photos are great- especially love the first one! When we were in Zihua staying on La Ropa April 12-18- I think it was April 16th- I was just floating out by the big rocks and two HUGE waves (just two) came in, and I tried to madly swim over the breaking top of the first one, but it got me... I came to the surface in time to get washed by the second one. I also had a chest cold, and was totally out of breath, but I am a strong swimmer...

However, I was totally surprised and sweetly delighted when the man who rents the jet skis came over to me- apparently he had been watching... and offered me a lift back to shore. Embarrassed that he had seen this, I refused and proceeded to swim directly into two young Mexican teenage boys- the current was so strong it pulled me towards the Sotovento... (I said "perdon!" and kept swimming for shore.

My husband was so jealous. He LOVES big waves. He can't believe I "got" the only two of our week. Personally, I would have been much happier "Not" catching them.

We also saw a woman who was staying where we were who had been caught by other waves and she had a serious neck brace on... her face was all cut up, too. Ironically, she was on our flight out of Zihua. I felt so bad for her... Waves can be serious business!

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