Our Wonderful Guide in Patzcuaro!

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We hired Jaime Hernandez Balderas to be our guide for 2 days to take us to and through the villages surrounding Patzcuaro. We also went a bit away from the lake as well ~ visiting Santa Clara del Cobre with its many copper workshops and Capula ~ the town of the Catrinas.

I highly recommend Jaime as a guide. He speaks very good English (having been an English teacher) and he is also learning Tarascan. I learned a few new Spanish words and expressions from him, and he learned a few new English ones from me ~ as well as WHY folks from the USA and Canada are inclined to laugh when they first see a "BIMBO" truck or soccer shirt! ;~)

Here is Jaime at a sombrero workshop in Jaracuaro. The entire process of making a hat ~ from stripping the palm fronds, weaving them together into long strips, then sewing them together to make the crown of the hat, and also the brim .... and finally forming the crease in the crown and shaping the brim using a heated mold is a very interesting process.

I purchased the sombrero that Jaime is wearing. Total price for this well made, large hat? $50 pesos! A hat takes about 1/2 day to make!

QUOTE: I charge $ 250. 00 pesos by the hour for two person and the cost includes vehicle (compact car) and my services as guide . vehicle for four( van )$ 280.00 pesos by the hour.

So ~ with current exchange rates, about US $19.50 per hour for the compact car or US $21.75 for the van.

We went with the van, because my husband is about 6'4" tall, so it gave him more room for his legs.

Jaime's uncle drove, so Jaime could chat with us safely while traveling around. There were quite a few animals loose on and around the roads, so this afforded extra safety instead of the guide driving AND talking. In several places where it was a bit crowded ~ like Quiroga and Santa Clara del Cobre, Jaime's uncle dropped us off and took care of parking the van.

We were 6 hours each day for 2 days, so the total came to $1,680 pesos or about US $130.50 per day. We also tipped Jaime and his uncle 200 extras pesos each per day and bought Jaime's lunch east day. He picked GREAT local places to eat! The first day, we had a 3 course comida with LOADS of choices for $60 pesos each! (About US $4.65) The second day was a tiny bit more, but not much and REALLY GOOD FOOD.

The tours were VERY personable and Jaime was just terrific. We considered the price very reasonable. When we take tours on cruises, or have arranged for private tours in other countries, the costs were considerably more.

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