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Escrito por ZihuaRob () via proxy desde ( el día miércoles, 02 de junio, 2010 a las 13:46:40 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: A Taste of El Manglar: Photos escrito por La Niña desde ( el día miércoles, 02 de junio, 2010 a las 13:39:18 horas :

Hola Nina,

I fixed your photo for you. To link to a photo from Flickr just go to the "all sizes" (or something like that, mine's in Spanish) page for the photo by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top left of your photo. Select the size of the photo you want and click on it. I selected the large size for your photo. After selecting the size you want, right-click on the photo and select "Properties". The URL you want will be in the middle of the little window that opens up. Just copy and paste it into the "Optional Image Link" space.

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