Review of Hotel Brisas del Mar - Playa Madera Zihua With Photos

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Iíll admit it! Iím sort of obsessive when it comes to hotels and hotel rooms for our vacation destinations. They should be located in JUST the right place, ďsayĒ something about the place/city/country/ that weíre visiting, and not be totally over the top cost-wise. Iím NOT generally a 5* kind of person, but I do like a *NICE* place. Itís HIGHLY doubtful that Iíll ever stay in an AI resort.

Brisas del Mar REALLY fit my requirements for that kind of a hotel! Right on the beach ~ Playa Madera; close to town ~ just a short 10-15 minute walk; breath-taking views of the Bay; lovely rooms with distinct Mexican folk touches all through the property; ice-cold AC in the bedroom PLUS ceiling fans; cable TV with LOTS of English language channels; friendly, helpful staff; not TOO expensive ~ although a bit more than some other places nearby. All in all, it was WELL WORTH the price we paid, and I CERTAINLY would stay here again. In fact, I can hardly wait to come back!

We arrived at the Zihuatanejo bus station from Uruapan about 12:20pm, got a taxi, and were checking in at the hotel well before 1pm. We were told that the specific room (Master Suite Chimalpa ~ #107 which boasts a HUGE balcony with a hammock in addition to the loungers) I had selected and reserved MONTHS and MONTHS in advance was not available, due to the rooms on that side of the hotel being remodeled. BOO HOO. I was VERY disappointed ~ but not for too long! We were given a complimentary upgrade into a portion of the Zihuatlan Suite, which is comprised of 2 bedrooms (#14 and #15) with a shared outdoor living area in between. These are generally meant to be priced as one complete unit for 4 adults. We were given #15 which has a private balcony and private outdoor Jacuzzi. No one was in #14, so we had the ďcommunalĒ area completely to ourselves.

The room was spacious, clean, and lovely. Our housekeeper had decorated the bed with nicely done towel art ~ a pair of swans ~ as well as flower blossoms and petals collected from the lovely gardens around the hotel.

The room had a large bathroom with plenty of open closet space for hanging up clothes, a Mexican tile vanity with 2 sinks, and a large shower that could accommodate 2 people. It also had a safe, plus open shelving for clothing or other personal items.

The views from our private balcony (and actually from inside the room too ~ as the whole end of the room facing the bay was floor to ceiling glass) were outstanding!

We had a nice view of the pool too.

One end of the balcony was planted with large banana trees and other tropicals, which provided quite a bit of privacy when using the Jacuzzi.

The outdoor living area was large and stylish, with a full kitchen ~ a sink, stove with burners and an oven, a full sized fridge and a table and chairs for 4 persons. The kitchen was complete with pots and pans, as well as table service. When we arrived, we had an issue with the fridge not being cold. A number of maintenance guys tried to fix it, but when that didnít work, they replaced it with a completely new one.

The common area also had a Jacuzzi.

The whole outdoor area was cooled by 2 ceiling fans in addition to the refreshing breezes coming in off the bay. There was a stylish seating area, with lots of paperback books to read.

The loungers in this area had a really lovely view of the bay too.

In conclusion, Brisas del Mar was a TERRIFIC place to stay in Zihuatanejo! Iím pretty certain that youíll agree with me!

In another post, Iíll provide some pictures of the grounds and art at the hotel.

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