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One morning we took a taxi from our hotel to “El Mercado” to take a look around at all the things offered for sale there. Although the market was good sized, according to a friend who has visited here regularly for years, it’s not nearly as large as it used to be ~ in part due to Wal-Mart muscling in on the local mom and pop vendors’ livelihoods. While Wal-Mart does serve a purpose, I guess, I still think that it’s a shame that so many little businesses can no longer make it and are becoming a thing of the past.

I usually avoid taking photos of people ~ especially adults ~ as many of them obviously feel uncomfortable with it. Many cultures still view taking photos of people as a form of “soul stealing.” On occasion, I’ll ask if it’s ok to photograph people face on, but you’ll see that many of my photos are taken from the rear or from a distance ….

I was ALWAYS fascinated by the number of people who carried items on their heads ~ some just balancing them on a cloth pad ~ others using a form of hollowed out basket. We saw that quite a bit in Patzcuaro. And by the way, have you ever witnessed how the beer guys carry in cases of beer to stores and restaurants ~ stacked HIGH on their backs ~ hold the bottom case with their hands! AMAZING! All those full cases must be REALLY heavy!

There were many fresh fruit and vegetable stands in El Mercado. We purchased bananas and a papaya for the grand sum of EIGHT pesos. We also got some sweet bread (we requested ones without too much sugar) from one of the MANY panderias there.

I didn’t find the chickens with their heads on upsetting. I used to kill and pluck my own chickens and slaughter my own pigs and goats. It’s a part of life and the food chain. I didn’t come across any sheep’s’ heads like I did at the city markets in Barcelona. I DID have a bit of concern about how long poultry, meat and seafood were being displayed and offered for sale without any sort of refrigeration. People have been doing this for eons, so I guess I could get used to it if I was living there. It was pretty sultry though, so I kept wondering about how many bacteria were growing.

EVERYTHING in Mexico ~ even utilitarian items ~ seem to scream COLOR!!!!

Another attractive fruit stand inside of the Mercado. SO much more “soul” than what you find in a supermarket!

This shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe was also inside the market.

We meandered around inside for quite awhile, but the most interior shops were pretty hot and breathless. We looked and looked for a REALLY DANDY item that we had seen in restaurants in both Morelia and Patzcuaro ~ a round padded cloth tortilla warmer! They look like 2 round padded cloth pot holders stitched together about 2/3s of the way around. The loose tortillas are placed inside and then heated in a microwave. The tortillas stay REALLY HOT for a VERY LONG time (up to an hour +) and they don’t get all soggy and yucky like they do in the plastic or ceramic heaters. The two places we saw them at had custom made ones with their restaurant names embroidered on them. We thought each of the places we saw them at ~ Los Mirasoles in Morelia and La Surtidora in Patzcuaro might offer them for sale. NOPE. But, after hunting high and low in Zihua for them, with no success, I found them on the internet! I just placed and order for several of them. If you’re interested, take a look at La Tortilla Oven

There were quite a number of highly popular eating places in the Mercado, which we were tempted to try, but headed off towards Atoles y Tamales Any, which was just a few blocks away, for our comida.

On our way, we came across this colorful ribbon shop.

I loved all the little shops that offered their wares for sale. Wish we had that here in Tampa.

Over the weekend, I hope to post some photos of sights in the Centro and along Zihua’s beautiful beaches …..

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