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Escrito por Laura () via proxy desde (cpe-98-150-119-56.dc.res.rr.com) el día domingo, 06 de junio, 2010 a las 21:50:01 horas :

Sharkboy is doing so well! His English is so good at this point that it makes me cry because it seems like magic - a vision come true.

He really took all the opportunities to learn seriously and ran with it. His long term plan is to hone his skills at the jobs with the hotels and tour companies he has been workjing with (including a stint at El Refugio).

Eventually, when ready, he will return to open his own business as a bilingual tour guide in Barra de Potosi working out of his family's restaurant. I have no doubt he will be successful.

At the moment we have no working computer at the library. We had a couple of donated used ones but they did not live long. Our reliable one was a new compaq which we used hard and long for several years but it finally bit the dust :-( We do have some techs working on getting it working again.)

Meanwhile, I am currently in the States with my own laptop at my side. When we get another computer at the library, maybe Sharkboy will find some time to stop by and post. I guess he's been pretty busy and mostly not in the village as he's been working in Ixtapa.

We have a number of little kids now at the Children's Library who are very enthusiastic about learning English and the other learning activities at the libary - as Sharkboy was when he was little.

We are continuing with this fun and gratifying work...with the help of our volunteers and our generous supporters who bring supplies, Little by little trying to work for a leg up to the precious kids of La Barra facing challenging changes in their future.

Hasta pronto,

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