Uruapan - Avocado Capital of the World

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Uruapan (Oor-Wah-Pan) ~ Avocado Capital of the World (shared with self-proclaimed Fallbrook CA ~ which I’m SURE doesn’t produced near as many avocados!)

The word Uruapan comes from the Purépecha word ulhupani, meaning "place of eternal formation and fertility of flower buds." Uruapan, "place where the god-prince of flowers is revered, was established before the arrival of the Spaniards and was an exuberant paradise and a peaceful chiefdom corresponding to the Purépecha King." Reséndiz 1991 said there are various interpretations of the meaning of Uruapan, for some meaning "water jug," for others it means "where the trees always give fruit." Others have determined it comes from the word urhuapani, meaning "blooming" or "sprouting." The place where everything flowers also translates to "where the hearts of plants bloom like the flowers and enjoy a perpetual spring."

Uruapan is located about 3-1/2 hours north of Zihautanejo. Mike and I stayed here one night ~ after our stay in Patzcuaro ~ so we would be able to board the 8:30 am Parhikuni Express Bus to Zihuatanejo without difficulty.

I had booked a room at Hotel Mi Solar, which is centrally located on a relatively quiet street about 1-1/2 blocks from the historic Plaza Principal, months in advance, which really wasn’t necessary, as this lovely hotel had very low occupancy. I believe that we were the ONLY tourists from the USA in Uruapan. We arrived by a private car service from Patzcuaro about 10am, and were allowed to immediately check into our room.

I was VERY impressed with Hotel Mi Solar, which occupies a former historic mansion in the center of town.

The hotel has two courtyards ~ one which is open to the sky, and a second, which has skylight roof. Our King Bed room was located in the 1st courtyard ~ on the left ~ just before the door that opened into the restaurant.

The 1st courtyard as viewed from inside the restaurant.

The 1st courtyard had lots of interesting details, in addition to the fountain there.

Our room was very attractive and very comfortable ~ King bed, cold AC, satellite TV, a very modern bathroom with a large marble shower, etc. The rate? $894 pesos (about US $68.80) which included all taxes and a full breakfast. Actually, I had booked our room so far in advance, that the owner of the hotel approached us to let us know that they were currently running a “promotion” and that he was reducing the price from what I was originally quoted! NICE!

Our carved bed and the room furnishings were really beautiful.

This is the covered 2nd courtyard with chairs and tables. Mike was checking email via the hotel’s WiFi system. You could order snacks and refreshments any time of the day here.

Hotel Mi Solar had a lovely restaurant and bar. We had our evening light meal here, rather than go out and wander the streets to see what we could find. The food and drinks were very good and reasonably priced.

The restaurant had a beautiful fireplace for chilly mountain evenings or mornings.

An interesting spoon rack in the restaurant.

If we ever return to Uruapan, we would definitely stay at Hotel Mi Solar! It’s a BEAUTIFUL place in an ideal locat1on, with very friendly, helpful staff (several of whom spoke some English ~ including one who had lived in Menlo Park, CA) and prices that can’t be beat!

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