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We were very impressed by Uruapan. A very prosperous town in a beautiful area. It is interesting to see the Purepecha dress among many of the locals. Reminds you that the pre-Cortez people of the area are still here and apparently doing well. On our last rip to the area we stayed at the Mansion de Cupatitzio near the Park. Quite lovely as is the Park itself. The Hotel Mi Solar looks very nice as well. We will have to put it on our list for a future visit. Uruapan is really worth at least two or three days I think. A beautiful form of carved and painted wooden bowls and plates are done in this area and it is fun to seek out and meet some of the artists. The Paracutin volcano is only a short trip to the North from the city. A horseback ride in to see the massive lava flows and the partially buried Church of San Juan makes a fascinating day. There is also an interesting archeological site at Tingambato that we enjoyed. And then there are the avocados.....

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