Uruapan's Eduardo Ruiz National Park

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The Eduardo Ruiz National Park in Uruapan consists of trails that meander along the banks of the Cupatitizio River. Along the way, there are various waterfalls and pools, most of them man made. If you look closely, you can catch a glimpse of various piping and also the pumping station that helps run it all. We saw wild bougainvilleas here and there, along with occasional flowers, but we didn’t see anything in the way of “formal gardens” in the park.

There is a trout hatchery in the middle of the park that supplies fresh trout to local restaurants. You may also purchase freshly killed trout to take with you.

The walkways, various staircases, and bridges are all finished with native stone. Enjoying the park is a nice way to pass some time if you’re in Uruapan, but I wouldn’t consider the park a destination of its own. Also, be advised that due to the many staircases and uneven walks, the park isn’t suitable for those people in wheelchairs, or with any severe walking disabilities. Ticket price for an adult into the park is a very reasonable $12 pesos.

There were a number of snack stands, little restaurants, and souvenir stands scattered throughout the park. The day we visited ~ mid-week ~ these weren't doing much business, but I suspect on weekends that the park is VERY crowded.

Part of the trout farm facility.

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