Patzcuaro - Un Pueblo Encantado!

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Because Mike has now uploaded the slide shows for Patzcuaro, I’ve decided to only post a few photos as a “taste” of what you can expect if you visit there.

To me, Patzcuaro is a VERY SPECIAL, enchanting place. When you enter the city, you can imagine that you’ve gone back 200 years in time. Of course, there are automobiles, electricity, and other modern conveniences, but the basic aura of the city is timeless. It exudes feelings of a simpler time when people spent time together and engaged in ages old occupations ~ farming, fishing, weaving, and hand-crafting items for use in every day life. I’ve NEVER seen any city that has a bulk SEED STORE located on their main plaza. Apparently it’s been there forever and ever, and has been run by the same man for generations. In Patzcuaro, you still see MANY Tarascan people in their traditional clothing out and about.

One of the colonnades that surround the Plaza Grande ~ with places to eat and drink, buy breads and pastries, ice cream, and other necessities of life.

The fountain on the Plaza Grande, where people gather just to visit and enjoy life. There is also a vivacious Plaza Chica several blocks away which is located next to the very large and fascinating El Mercado.

One of the interesting shops in Patzcuaro.

Outdoor dining area adjacent to the Plaza Grande ~ showing one of the colonnades.

This ELOTE vendor’s spot was next to La Surtidora, where Mike and I would relax and have a couple of beers (I generally ordered Don Julio reposado con sangrita ~ a BARGAIN at just $50 pesos) each evening, along with some snacks. She would call “ELOTE” about every 20 seconds or so. Mike said he could hear her in his sleep. Her corn was very popular. We never did try any, thinking that we’d get some elote con crema y queso in Zihuatanejo, but the vendor wasn’t there when we looked. Next time! ;~)

Mike at “Our” table at La Surtidora. He doesn’t especially like having his picture taken….

Typical architecture in Patzcuaro. All buildings must be painted white with with dark red bases. The lettering must all be of the same style and painted red, black and white. All of the lanterns lining the streets are identical.

A Tarascan woman carrying a pail of flowers ~ a very typical scene in Patzcuaro.

Patzcuaro is a place we WILL return to ~ hopefully over and over again. It’s truly Una Puebla Encantada!

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