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Trip report June 19-24

The vacation started ( as most do ) with us packing too much ( we always do ) the good news is that we now have a list of things to not bring…,. Topping the list is tea shirts ( except maybe to sleep in )

Got my wife up early Saturday morning ( like really early, 3am ) for the drive to the airport.

The flights were good, Sacramento to Phoenix AZ, 2 hour layover ( breakfast ) and then onto Zihua/Ixtapa airport. The airline went into great detail over how only one card needed to be filled out ( not 2 ) for each family. I asked about the tourist visa and they happily informed me that there were changes and those were no longer required.

I was a little confused but filled out the declaration from for my wife and I on the plane.

Landed nicely, great flight…. Open the door, step outside and the humidity hit me…. whew! That will take me some time to get used too, it wasn’t all that hot temperature wise… but at that humidity level was something I would have to get used too, I am very used to hot and dry California.

Once we got inside we realized the entrance area is either not air conditioned or it was broken, long line of people took a while because US airways was wrong, yes we all have to fill out the tourist visa form and we had to do so standing in line. Also they ran out of English forms and handed my wife and I forms in Spanish ( it is their country, so I don’t blame them a bit ) Fortunately the guy behind me spoke and read Spanish very very well and helped us fill out our cards.

The customs folks were very nice ( this time ) and gladly welcomed us to Mexico

The second we picked up our bags and walked through the light ( red or green ) we both got green so didn’t have our bags hand checked, we were set upon by multiple people asking us questions… want me to get you a cab? Where are you staying? We would like to treat you to lunch!, let me get your bag for you. Fortunately I had been pre-warned by Rob website… these are all “time share sharks”, No gracias, no thanks, no, thank you, please no… etc. One of them followed us outside and kept after us all the way into the cab area, the cab driver gave him an annoyed look and he finally backed off.

The cabs were parked outside and I didn’t see a particular order, but they obviously had one, as one stepped up to help us and the others nodded.

I told him Las Brisas Ixtapa and he smiled and said it would be 320 pesos ( which I already knew would be the case from Rob’s website ). The driver was nice, knew very little English but tired to engage us a little anyway. We let him know that we badly needed a vacation and were glad to be here… but it was hotter ( or more humid ) than we were used too and could hardly wait for a beer ( cervesa ) the driver smiled and said “20 pesos?”, I chuckled and handed him another 20 pesos and he pulled the cab over when up to a window and got us a couple of Pacifico’s to drink in the cab on the way to the hotel. ( I don’t care what they actually cost, it was less than $2 and worth it to me! )

That Cab driver was an excellent example of just about every cab driver we met in Zihua, fantastic. ( and he still knew more English than some New York cab drivers I have used )

It was a nice drive to the hotel, we got to see a little of the back parts of Zihua ( excuse me for shortening it but it keeps me from constantly having to look up how to spell Zihuatanejo ). I know that not all of my friends or family would have the same perception that I did. Yes the standard of living is much lower, and very different than ours. But several things struck me, a child grinning from ear to ear with an ice cream cone, families sitting and talking together, workers doing their jobs, but in a relaxed and less rushed way. It is different, not better, not worse ( that might surprise some ) but different. We enjoyed the drive.

Arriving at Las Brisas, it was stunning, and again different. A classy hotel in the US would be fancier, and the décor busier, here it was simple and in its cultural way elegant in its own right. We had no problems at check-in and the bell hop took us and our bags to the room.

The room was everything we hoped it would be… and more.

I will post pictures on my smugmug site sometime in the next few days.

Big king size bed, pillow top and added foam mattress as I requested for our back issues, large living area, sofa that could double as another bed, a couple of soft comfy chairs in the living area, 4 person table with chairs, nice dressing area and great bathroom and shower, and of course the double terrace, on the bedroom side was an outdoor jacusi on a deck, and the other a stone table and long bench with seating pads long enough to lay on, a wooden beach lounge with pad and a nice wood chair on the other side of the table.

The double terrace had a magnificent view of the ocean from either side. Again I can't describe it, I will post pictures in the next day or so.

As you can imagine… we were pretty tired. We decided to spend the rest of that day fixing up the room, unpacking so we weren’t living out of suitcases, and a quick taxi ride into Ixtapa to a grocery store to stock up on water, soft drinks, a 6 pack of Dos X’s and such. We were a little hungry while we were there so we went ahead and ate at a place called “Franks” we ate simple, fajitas and beer, It wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t bad at all either.

Found a cab ( that doesn’t ever seem to be very hard to do ) back to the hotel, we knew ahead of time that the hotel stuff was very expensive ( the water, coffee, mini bar etc ) we never touched any of their stuff, just brought in our own.

We lay in bed, and sometimes out on the terrace and read, relaxed, and worried about absolutely nothing which was really nice for us for a change.

One thing we had heard ( over and over ) is the beds there were not comfortable, that they were too hard… I can’t speak for other rooms but ours was great! We slept like babies, My wife got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and it woke me, we sneaked outside at 2am on the terrace and watched a light show, lightening far out in the ocean so far away that we could hear no thunder over the sound of the waves at the base of the hotel… it was beautiful!

We slept until well past 8am the next morning ( I usually wake up at 4 am regardless of the time zone or how late I stay up or how much I have been drinking )

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