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Yeah that first day ( travel day ) was pretty low key, but I have to warn you, every day was pretty low key... this was a vacation for us to get away and relax.... there was some exciting stuff, but a lot of the time was relaxing and reading, and just being away from it all.

My wife and I had a terrible year, one parent on each side passed away, my wife diagnosed with Lymphoma, family problems, my own continuing medical issues ( you wouldnt believe me if I told you )

This was to just get away, that is why I splurged a little on the hotel and room we spent a lot of time there.

But we did end up in Ziua every day, for breakfast, or dinner, or to the beach, or on the boat… we just had a great time. Funny, that first day we went to Ixtapa… we never ended up in Ixtapa again. Ziuatanejo suited us better, we felt like we were in Mexico there.

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