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The restaurants at Las Brisas were expensive... not Mexico expensive... big city USA expensive, so were the drinks there.

But that was easy, we didnít eat or drink there much. I think we had a total of 8 drinks there in 5 days, and ate there only twice, once for breakfast and one dinner.

The rest of the time we were in Zihua to eat, taxi there and back was more fun and was less expensive ( taxi included ) than eating at Las Brisas ( yes the breezes )

That is the bad part of that hotel, but if you asked me where I would stay if I went back next week......

Las Brisas.... the good parts outweighed the bad. As I will explain as I get further in my report over the next few days. ( ok if I were richer I would stay at The Tides on La Ropa beach )

I never swam at that beach.... too rough... but the pools were the best! And the friendly staff... my wife and I like to explore... so when we wanted a long stay at a beach and to swim in... we went to La Ropa beach.

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