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Trip report June 19-24 (con't)

Day 2

Woke around 8 am, which is amazingly unusual for me. I had promised my wife room service for breakfast, but she wanted to go out… ok by me. Rob’s website recommended a little place called Bananas so we went down to the lobby and outside and asked for a cab.

Something interesting about the room, there is a place to put your key in to activate the air conditioner, take out the key and the air conditioner goes off and a little sign asking you to take the key out when you leave the room… yeah right. Needless to say, we left one key in the box and left with the other so we would have a cool room to return too, the room was expensive enough they can leave the air running. Another thing we found out was if you open either door to the terrace, even a little, the air goes off. Now that one actually made sense to me, it reminded you to keep that door closed so the room would stay cool.

It did…. All week… always had a nice cool room to return too, this is contrary to others that have reported on that hotel…. But they may have taken the key out ( we didn’t for 5 days ) or they may have left the terrace doors open. But our air conditioning kept the room nice and cool all week long. Call me bad, call me wasteful of energy, but I paid a lot for that room, so that is what I did, the housekeeping staff also kept the key in as well, and the doors closed to the terrace ( after they cleaned that up too )

It only took 30 seconds for the cab to get to the hotel entrance, we found out why, as the cab pulled out it passed by a special parking lot where 4 more cabs were waiting, drivers reading the paper waiting for the next call. I thought that was pretty cool, but later I realized I never… ever waited more than 30 seconds for a cab anywhere…. They were everywhere, every other car driving down any street seemed to be a cab, looking for folks to pick up.

We told the driver Bananas in Zihuatanejo, he smiled and said 80 pesos, we soon discovered a pattern.

It was 75 to 80 pesos anywhere from the hotel to anywhere in downtown Zihua, it was between 40-70 pesos to get back depending on where we were.

130 pesos to La Ropa Beach, It rarely changed from those general numbers. The cab drivers were great every time, particularly on the day we left, but I will save that for the last report.

Anyway we told the driver this was our first day in Zihua, he said “hmmmmmm, Bananas is good, but you should go to Banditos on the first morning I think”. I happened to know that Banditos was on Rob's list so I said…. Sure… take us there then… and off we went.

It was a pretty steep drive down this winding road, we found out later that every cab would take that drive down, but come back a different ( and less steep ) way.

Down the road, around an old soccer field, past a line of artisan shops and up to the cutest little restaurant, all open air, lots of wood, and bamboo I think, just beautiful. I ordered Huevos divorciados as I just love that when it is authentic, my wife ordered the same.

It was great… I mean really really good, with refried black beans, and a very good potato and onion combo, and it started out with a fantastic fruit plate… and surprisingly good coffee…. Really good!

I cant say enough about how we were treated, they barely spoke English, but enough to get by, after all this is their country, why should they speak any English? They were kind, thoughtful, and seemed really pleased to have us there.

It was reasonable, probably expensive by Mexico standards but cheap by ours and absolutely delicious. All in all I can tell you now, this ended up being our favorite place to have breakfast.

We were getting warm by the time our leisurely breakfast was over so we decided we better get done what we came downtown to do. #1 find an ATM, #2 find me a better hat, yeah and I don’t care if I look like a tourist in it, I am a tourist. #3 my wife wanted a blouse. The shops were right around the corner, found everything we needed and directions to the Bancomer ATM

I tried to remove 2000 pesos, but it kept saying sorry ( or I assume that is what it was saying ) I finally tired removing 1000 and it worked. But it did charge me a fee ( not high 25 pesos ) and I also don’t know the rate I got ( was too lazy to check ) and I don’t know what fee my own bank put on it…. I didn’t care I was on vacation.

We headed down to the beach in central Zihua, I wish I remembered the name of the place we went, there were tables on the beach, and 2 ex patriot couples sitting nearby that talked to us. It was really nice… had a couple of cerveas.

But my wife was getting tired, the heat, and the fact that she has been under so much ( Chemo for the last 6 months ) she tires easily. I promised her I would stop and take her back to rest and relax whenever she wanted to.
20 seconds and we had a cab….. that still amazes me, 45 pesos later we were back at the hotel.

We rested, then we woke, I wont talk about the next part, and then we rested again. I don’t want to disgust anyone but something about Zihua turned us ( at least parts of us ) into 20 year old kids again.

We decided to check out the beach at the hotel that afternoon. One elevator from our floor ( All Jr Suites are on the 22nd top floor ) down to the 10th floor….. then we had to walk down a hallway and outside to the beach elevator that took us down to the beach. The hotel is built in a Jungle on the side of a steep hill.

The beach was beautiful, huge thatched umbrellas over beach lounges, small tables and guys that will bring you expensive drinks all day long ( chuckle ). The waves were amazing, in fact it was not any kind of beach to swim in, the undertow was deadly and there were warnings everywhere. But it was beautiful.

We decided to spend the rest of the day exploring the Hotel, and the pool, we went back up to the hotel lounge ( there are pictures taken from there ) met a nice couple from Alaska, had a couple of drinks ( happy hour is 2nd drink free ) it was great.

Then we checked out the pool area… it is a walk to the pool, through a jungle ( there is a picture of me standing on a stone colored path… that is part of the walk. As the week went by that walk became one of our favorite things. First off it was beautiful, and warm, and humid, and birds were chirping, and by the time you got to the pool you were ready to fall in… which we promptly did.

I am not a pool guy, I spent most of my life as one of those skinny people that can eat more than anyone and never gain a pound, then 14 years ago I nearly died… and my medical condition forbids my exercising much at all… I have to watch my blood pressure all the time. But I still eat like a 20 year old kid ( which I am in my mind ) so I grew…. Fat ( as you can see in the pictures ). I am not used to this body, and I am uncomfortable about it.

So I am not much of a pool guy

But that pool was amazing…. 5 feet deep everywhere… and built in a jungle, there are trees overhanging the pool ( and people had complained about some leaves in the pool… give me a break ) parts of the pool are in the shade, with water falls and fountains along one side. The temperature was perfect… it was instant relief every time we got in the pool. There are a lot of pictures around the pool area.

There were actually 4 pools…. But the big one was the best… and the one you see pictures of.

We spent all late afternoon at that pool and didn’t leave till it was almost dark.

A couple of beers, and a plate of chips and salsa later we finally retired…. We enjoyed the room so much we were up fairly late, reading, relaxing, talking… and just watching the sunset ( there are pictures )and we did other things ( no pictures )

Later we realized we never got hungry at all, we had a late breakfast... a few chips... and that was all. I think we were adjusting to the climate because near the end of the trip we ate more often.

It was just about perfect.

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