Trip Report June 5-20

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Now the pressure is on to beat "Dwight's" trip report...he just got home!! I must say that it was the quietest and the coolest summer of the last 4 and the town was much cleaner with its statues, fresh paint, and LOTS of trash cans!!

Day 1 through 8...stayed at the Sotavento (last time before it becomes private condos out of my price range). What a lovely old place. Our hosts were gracious and the price was right including breakfast. We ate twice at the hotel's Panoramica Restaurant, which was very good. What fun to watch the NBA finals and the start of the World Cup with Mexico on their large TV in the lobby.

We also ate at our favorite La Ropa spots...Paty's, El Manglar, Rossy's, Jungle Pizza (in no order whatsoever). The toughest daily decision we had was which palapa to sit under...lots to choose from since most tourists must have stayed home. While it was nice having the beach nearly deserted, it did seem weird to enjoy paradise almost alone...but then, Day 9 came along...

Day 9: our teenage daughters arrived safely after their first "international" travel alone. The Phoenix US Air connection was a great choice for them. The girls like action so we moved into town, to the lovely Brisas del Mar. Our usual suite wasn't available since we booked later than usual so the hotel was generous enough to upgrade us to a, lets call it a small apartment... Watching the hummingbirds bathe in the fountain just about put me over the top of the "paradise" level!

We ate and shopped and ate some more and shopped some more...good food places like Rossy's (again), Galeana's, Don Memo's, Los Braceros, Dona Leche... We would have enjoyed drinks and the Game 7 of the NBA Finals at the corner bar had we not been kicked out by Mexican music over TV volume! Oh well, Bandido's gladly satisfied our need to watch that last game in English.

Salvador's was closed (bummer) but that helped us find an AWESOME new restaurant, EL ARRAYAN, on Calle Adelita in Colonia La Madera (just across the street from the canal footbridge and Salvador's). What wonderful food Mauricio & Veronica prepared for us...many times! I highly recommend that you try this place out!! AND ROB...PUT THEM ON YOUR LIST PLEASE!!

Since Salvador's was closed, we had to find a new place to cook the fish my hubby caught on 2 of his 3 fishing trips (I'll let him post about those)... So at the end of La Madera, there is a restaurant called LA RANA RENE. We had already eaten lunch there and were welcomed us to watch some World Cup with them, so we took both catches there...AGAIN...AWESOME COOKING!! And you can't beat Monkey for a great server.

We once again toured with our friend, Juan Carlos Garcia. He took us to El Refugio de Potosi (we can't wait to watch you grow under the guidance of Laurel, a fellow Oregonian). We also went to Soledad de Maciel (La Chole) and were welcomed as the "first visitors" to the new museum, which is officially opening in December. I wonder how the "advertising" photo of us turned out? (hint hint Michelle)

And there's nothing like watching World Cup Soccer in a place that truly loves its "futbol". Thanks you to Yuri at Paty's Miramar for welcoming us to watch numerous games (even when it wasn't Mexico that was playing). We enjoyed watching with Paty's "family".. they are quite a lot of fun!

We love Zihua and the people who call it home. Thank you to the city and the were once again gracious hosts!! Your city looked especially beautiful this year and the statutes...muy bonita!! I've always been struck by how proud of their place the people of Zihuatanejo are. Keep up the great work!

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