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I think I may have lived there before Ken & Mitra but I couldn't swear to it. If I recall correctly I was there from May through July of '89. Then I got a job at the Sheraton and moved back into my mother's house so we could rent out the stick house. Maybe that's when Ken & Mitra moved in.

I'll sure never forget going to a few of John & Carol's Thanksgiving parties. One time I was sitting there eating a salad minding my own business when some guy with a quirky ear-to-ear grin came by and took some honeyed mushrooms out of a jar he was carrying and put a few on my salad. Hours later I realized I hadn't moved from where I sat and that my face hurt from grinning so much. Words didn't sound right so conversation was best left to hand signals and short bursts of laughter.

Ahhh yes, those WERE some fine days, amigo... watching for that green flash from Rossy's, mezcal in hand and buzz in head...

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