trip report july 3 - july 19

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this was our sixth trip in six years to troncones. every year it get better and better. this year 16 nights.

people - my wife Jenny, myself Wes, and our two boys... Noah (5 yrs old) and Bode (2 yrs old)

flights- booked with continental. all flights were on time and about 3/4 full. this year was the most that we had ever had to pay for flights from denver. we had to pay $460 total per person.

rental car - always have used hertz until last year. someone at hertz used my credit card to buy airline tickets and other stuff last year. filled out a report with profecto and everything. this year i used alamo. what a breathe of fresh air!!! got a cheap up-grade and very friendly service. the car that i had got... broke down on us coming back from surfing(over heating) one afternoon. we called alamo and they had a car in troncones in ONE hour. now that is service. the supervisor's name is Jonny Rumbo... what a great gentlemen.

accomodations - we have and always will stay at Casas Gregorio. this place is unbeatable. the boys loved swimming in the two pools.. one of which is a kiddie pool. Rene and Santa (the couple who clean and keep up the place) do a wonderful job of housekeeping. they laugh and play with our boys at times. the manager/owner is Ernesto. we can honestly say that the reason that we keep coming to troncones through years is having Ernesto there. he will do anything for you that you may need.

nanny - ernesto had set up a nanny for us to watch over our boys in the morning. her name was Ada. she was a very nice and friendly girl who was 15 years old. she was so GOOD to our boys. she did everything in the world with them. she was there every morning right at 8:00 and she would stay until 12:30 - 1:00. our boys asks us everyday since we have been home... when is Ada comiing over?

surfing - surfed everday at playa la boca. most days were in the 4-6 foot range with a couple of days in the 6-8 foot range. the river was flowing high which made for some very good waves. in surfing... there is a term called "getting drilled" and it happened to me one morning. i had a bad wipeout and my leg came down on my surfboard very hard. my top of my foot came down on my fin of my board and broke the fin and left a large cut on the top of my foot. i got out of the water as quick as i could. when i got out... blood was squirting about 2 feet in the air. i motioned to my wife who was on the beach to come to me. we were able to wrap into a semi tourniquet to slow down the bleeding. now the tuff part was going to be the 1 1/2 mile walk to get back to the car. that took about an hour to do. the whole time i was losing a lot of blood.. every step there was a puddle. got to the car and got back to Casas Gregorio. Ernesto got me into his truck and off we went to the NEW MEDICAL CENTER in troncones. it had just opened up. the doctor there took us in very fast. he hooked up an IV and started to give me some pain meds quickly. the cut was two inches long and a 1/2 inch deep. he stopped the bleeding and he stitched it up. gave me the IV bag of fluids and a bunch of medicine to take home. told me that i could not surf for 48 hours... i was back in the water surfing in 46 hours. now here is the thing that is mind boggling to me.... the cost of this. the total cost was ZERO. NOTHING. i'm totally speechless about it. it is very nice to know that there is a place that you can get medical attention in troncones now.

fishing - went fishing for a 1/2 day with Oso in Majahua. we caught bonita and dorado. watching my wife reel in a bonita.... priceless. we will go fishing with Oso again. very fun !!!

food - we ate at all of the usual restaurants that are open this time of the year. there is one that i would like to mention. it is called Martha's in playa majahua. Ernesto showned us this place. the best food in the world. SO peaceful.... watching the sun set and the waves coming in.

we have been to troncones both in the high season and in the summer time. we LOVE the off season. everything is so green and lush. thanks Ernesto for everthing !!!!! YOUR THE BEST HOST IN THE WORLD. see you next year!!!!

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