Aaaaaaah Phuket......!

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>> Cost? $18.61 US / night (600 baht). In Phuket <<

Aaaaaaaah Phuket…… what a lovely spot…… and Lucky You! MANY Fond Memories. In fact, I nearly DIED there in a freak auto accident on a little scooter up in the central highlands in 1990! Wonderful story about the passing “tuk tuk” driver who actually saved my life, and, as I AM certainly STILL here to remember it! VERY gracious people, indeed…...

And while there certainly are many lovely inexpensive places to stay throughout the country, I DO highly recommend at least a look/see stop at the incredible (back then French-owned Melia) hotel on the western shore, south of ‘downtown’ Patong. It is a rather stunning piece of traditional Thai architecture, as it used to once be the summer palace of the old King Of Siam, with a wonderful LARGE aviary and baby elephants wandering the grounds….. AND lobby!

A very memorable “trip of a lifetime” was doing a ten day ‘camping excursion’ into the jungled mountain areas north of Changmai on elephant back into southern Burma! It is a REALLY Dazzling ecological/natural region, and a very ancient area noted for its remarkable teak wood carvers. Amid our ‘secured home’ in México, we still have two BIG teak ‘foo dogs’ flanking the main doors of our property entry, which where hauled back by the elephants, and shipped stateside via The America Club out of Bangkok.

Yeah, I’m envious……. as the INcredible local seafood restaurants alone (with those WONderful FIST-sized scallops!!) and luscious green Thai curries TOO, are certainly nearly worth the trip ALONE!!

And yeah, I also hardly think that Thailand “competes” with México, as the sheer price of airfare, let alone the air time (22+ hours with a stop/changeover in Tokyo’s Maruta for me) is a rather serious flight……!

But Phuket's "street food".... well.... DEFINITELY gives ol México a SINcere 'run for its money'!!!

Stay safe…… y disfruta TODO!

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