What is it like to live in Ixtapa or Z all year round?

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We've thought about eventually retiring to Mexico but I think we'll likely live in an inland place like Cuernevaca because I think, while the coasts are gorgeous, living on them may make the experience not so extraordinary and maybe even boring and stressful with all the tourism that comes through.

I think alot of tourists don't respect the places they visit and treat these places like prostitutes they use for 1-2 weeks and throw aside. I think this stresses the locals and disrupts harmony. I also think that living in a beautiful place makes you take it for granted. So I've theorized, it is better to live in a culturally rich place and travel to the shore via car in a few hours.

I don't know if I"m right about all this so I'd like to hear the thoughts of people who live year around in the area?

Does it get boring and humdrum? What do you do for socializing? Do you want to go back home at times?


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