Re: What is it like to live in Ixtapa or Z all year round?

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Escrito por Scott desde ( el día jueves, 12 de agosto, 2010 a las 05:05:42 horas :

En respuesta a: What is it like to live in Ixtapa or Z all year round? escrito por Mexicofan () via proxy desde ( el día miércoles, 11 de agosto, 2010 a las 10:23:17 horas :

I fully agree that it is better to live inland in a real city where more creature comforts are available, and travel a few hours away to the beach when you so desire.

When I first went to Mexico, I spent 15 months in Morelia, before packing up and moving to Zihuatanejo. I lasted 7 months in Zihua, September to March, and after a trip home for a few months, resettled in Morelia, for several years, when I returned. I never had any desire to move back to the beach, even though I really liked living in Mexico.

Another factor to consider is that Guerrero is one of the poorest three states in the country, and in my personal opinion, is more backwards than other states. So things that go on there don't necessarily go on to the same extent in the cities. I'm talking about things like the influence of the caciques, blatant corruption of public officials, child abuse, poverty and lack of education, these things are much more obvious in a place like Zihuatanejo than they are in Morelia, and I would think that would extend to more inland cities like Cuernavaca as well. I'm sure others would disagree and remind me that all those things happen in Morelia as well, but my opinion is it's on an entirely different level in Guerrero. The stories I heard there regarding personal family feuds and situations etc. don't compare to anything I ever heard in Morelia.

You may not think this is important, and it isn't if you're only on vacation or even an extended vacation, but if you're there long term, you're presumably going to want to have friends and integrate into local society a bit, and my opinion is that this is much easier to do in the inland cities. You're more likely to find Mexicans who are better educated than you, have more money than you, travel more than you, etc., in the cities, than on the beach. People you can relate to. I'm sure everyone has an amigo in Zihua, the waiters, taxi drivers, shopkeeper, etc., pretty much people who in one way or another are trying to get something out of you, but at some point, long term, you're probably going to want real friends, and this is easier inland. Also, the population is much less transient inland, so that also contributes to making it easier to meet people. People don't automatically assume you're a tourist, including shopkeepers, so you don't have to worry about things like getting overcharged as much.

But I was only 20 when I moved to Mexico, now in my late 20s, and quickly tried to integrate, learnt the language, etc. So my experience is probably quite different from a retiree. But in any case, I found it much easier to integrate and live a normal life in Morelia, than I did in Zihuatanejo.

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