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What made you decide to move to Mexico at such an early stage in your life? Were you working? Were are you now?

The reason I originally went is because I have an uncle that married a Mexican that he had met in Canada, and after a few years, they went down to Mexico. My grandma wanted to drive down to see their kids, but didn't want to do it alone. She and my mom had each flown to Morelia once before, because one of the kids was born there. At the time I had been taking vocational level computer classes and was a bit of a computer geek (still am), working part-time at a grocery store. I had self-studied for industry certifications like Cisco Certified Network Professional, A+ computer tech, etc. I enjoyed reading things like Internet RFCs (i.e. how TCP/IP or Internet routing or standard protocols like HTTP or SMTP work) just for fun. Anyway, the road trip across America and down to Morelia with Grandma, and the side trips to places like Barra de Potosi, Ixtapa, Patzcuaro, Mexico City, etc., was pretty much life changing, and the rest is history. After returning to Canada, I saved my money, and about 4 or 5 months later I flew back down, staying with my aunt & uncle for the first few months, and didn't leave Mexico for almost two years. And when I did leave, it was only because another uncle had driven down to see us, and I had a free ride home!

I could list a whole bunch of reasons why I fell in love with Mexico and decided to stay. But basically because of my aunt & uncle, I was introduced to the so-called "real Mexico" right off the bat, introduced to many people, had an adopted family, etc. Basically I really liked the Mexican people and the wholesomeness of the culture, compared to that age at home, where there is so much pressure to get drunk, dabble in drugs, listen to idiotic hip hop & rap music, etc, which I've never really liked. So being introduced to another culture that didn't have that pressure, where getting drunk or doing drugs or acting like an idiot wasn't very respectable, even for college age people, was very refreshing. Anyway, the drug war has done a number on that aspect of the culture, as drug use and U.S. style gangster culture is seemingly much more prevalent in Mexico now, due to the stupid war (yes, my opinion is 100% exact opposite of someone like Mexbungalows, I think half-a**ed prohibition increases use, unless done with full authoritarian/dictatorial force, like in Cuba or South-East Asia).

During the first few months I was in Mexico I learned more about web development (my attention had previously been more focused on networking and system administration), and from Mexico, got a job as a web developer, in Canada. So I always had a bit of a privileged life in Mexico, earning a modest part-time salary in Canada while living in Mexico, making as much as senior management at a large company there but only working part-time (25-35 hours/week). How could I not love it?

Where am I now? Well I just came back earlier this week from a 3-month trip to South-East Asia. I'd probably still be there right now but the Internet in Bali just isn't up to par, I was unable to work properly there. The Muslim government restricts high-bandwidth Internet services, you have to justify it if you want it. You can't get even a 1gb/month download allowance without a letter of permission from your village council. Which is a little hard for a foreigner on a tourist visa. Completely ridiculous. Thailand on the other hand, turned out to have a similar level of development as Mexico, and Internet that worked much better. It's quite possible that the next extended trip will be back to Thailand, as I don't care one iota for Calderon's drug war and the effect it has had on Michoacan, they're ruining all the things I used to like the most about Mexico. Crystal meth production shifting from the U.S. to Michoacan, the birth of La Familia, grenades being thrown at civilians in Morelia, my girlfriend's brother-in-law being beaten to death presumably for reporting a shipment of marijuana at the Morelia airport where he worked, these are all things that happened while I was there, and I'm very disillusioned with what the Calderon administration is doing there. I don't believe for a minute that all of the dead are "narcos" because I know that in the case of her sister's husband, the police didn't investigate jack squat, flat out refused to, just like 95% of all of the murders. So how do they even know who is being killed, narcos or innocents?

Anyway, the real reason I moved back to Canada is because of immigration problems in Mexico, I guess they wanted bribe money to renew my FM3 w/ Independent Lucrative Activities, and living on tourist visas doesn't really provide much long term stability. When immigration was jerking me around in Morelia, I applied on a whim to university in Canada, happened to be accepted, and decided to come home. Since then I've still spent the first two summers in Mexico, and did one term of all online courses from Mexico. But last summer the Canadian government slapped visas on Mexican citizens, which meant my partner of 5 years couldn't accompany me for the school year like she did the first two years, and I came back without her, which is completely scandalous in Mexico, to be apart for 8 months, and the relationship probably didn't survive that time apart.

But as much as I love Mexico, I'm not willing to live my life in accordance with all of their societal expectations, such as the idea that there must be something wrong with you if you aren't married with children by the time you're 30. On my end I have my family encouraging me to keep up with school and finish what I started, the last thing they want is to see me have a kid right now, whereas from the Mexican end it's the complete opposite, all that matters to them is marriage & kids, school & future career considerations be damned. Even if she understands, the family and societal pressure is intense. And if the truth be known, I don't envy those who are "stuck" in Mexico through their relationships, without proper means to support themselves.

So who knows, there's still a chance I could give up school and go get married and live happily ever after in Mexico City, but I really fear getting "stuck" there. And the trip to Asia this summer didn't exactly do anything to lessen my desire to travel even more, only did the exact opposite. If not Thailand, maybe South America?

Anyway, the uncle that I followed to Mexico, now has a sweet gig working one week on in Darwin, one week off in Bali (the ex-wife & kids are here now). I was introduced to this sort of lifestyle early, through my family, and it is going to be very hard to tame me into ever living an ordinary 9-5, house in the suburbs and keeping up with the Joneses type lifestyle here at home. Much funner to earn your money in the first world, spend it in the third. People stuck in Mexico, not sure how they're going to pay the rent or feed themselves, are doing it wrong.

Sorry for the long rant and life story, but I just got home from a big trip, I'm sort of in a reminiscing mood right now. Bad time to ask me why I moved to Mexico or where I am now, eh.

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