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I first came here in 1969 on vacation and fell in love with the virgin beauty of the place and the incredibly hospitable people who inhabit it. From there I was able to take some time out of my life and bring my children (and our Afghan Hound dog) back in 1974 to give them the opportunity of knowing about the huge cultural differences and to appreciate them. That was an incredible year for all of us. Rob was 16, I think, and he wanted to meet the girls, so he picked up Spanish really fast. Wood, was about 14, and his favorite day was playing basketball on the zocalo basketball court, and there he learned not just to spin a basketball on his index finger, but also all the bad words. So their vocabularies grew together and in different directions. Rob met Lupita, who was (and is) not only the best Spanish teacher in the world, but the most angelic and interesting Mexican human being that ever lived. Yes, perhaps I am biased but even so, it is true. Our life was bliss and we were lucky to be here at a time when there was nothing on La Ropa Beach except a little beach hut down where Rossy's is now, and it has been used by Timothy Leary and his "trippers" to practice their psychedelic "art" forms, and a few other small structures, but the Sotavento loomed above the beach, and the Catalina rambled down the hill beside it with its rickety cable car that I would not have gotten into if I was not on a suicide mission. We had a little one room casita down at the property on the end of La Ropa, with a light bulb hanging from the ceiling and 3 folding cots side by side for us to sleep on. Rob and Wood had to pull their Scouting skills out of the cobwebs of their life to remember how to build a cooking fire and a (pardon the expression) "shithole". There are so many stories to tell, and we all learned a lot together, and what we learned most of all was how much we loved Mexico. You are learning something every day, about the culture or just the exercise of your brain to try to learn the language. It is a place to live where you have to be your own person and not have any addictions to things like drugs or alcohol or other destructive forces because there are few limits here. You live your life as you like and without a lot of judgment from those around you. Yes, we lack the culture of things like going to a museum or a ballet but we have many local artists and are fortunate to discover a new musician (look at Gaby and Rodrigo) or a new painter or sculptor, a poet or writer because we are in a small town where we learn of their talent first. I must stop this rave of love but for whatever negatives there are in living here there are many more positives, and I do believe that anyone should rent a place for a few months and see if they are happy and enjoy our type of lifestyle. It is not for everyone, but it is definitely for me!!

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