Raves and Rants

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Raves to our lodging, La Casa Que Ve Al Mar; to Patys restaurant and Raul the waiter; also to La Perla, El Manglar, Tamales Any, Banditos and Capricios. A special rave to the good work done at the laundry just across the canal from Kyoto circle. And a big RAVE once again to the downtown "El Centro" merchants; the paint and cleaniness are a welcome sight as are the permanent awnings now being installed==downtown looks GREAT!

RANT: Again to the taxis. Caught one at Commercial Mexicana the other day to lodging, 40 pesos,asked him how much to La Barra De Potosi-250 pesos.

Last night called taxi for ride down the hill to Patys. He wouldn't budge off 40 pesos. I asked for tarjeta de tarifa and he gave me something Club Intrawest had typed up, he didn' have official rate card. Cab #375. Said the rate of 40 pesos applies to radiio dispatched taxis.

Then on ride home from Patys (Patys called the radio dispatched taxi number) the fare was 30 pesos (guess business was a little slow?). I asked how much to La Barra de Potosi---450 pesos!

As some of you realize from my previoius posts I hold no love in my heart for the taxi industry here. It is obvious they will make a buck any way they can. Sure, some are honest but a lot of them are just plain shysters. I am convinced they evaluate the situation (oh, they are in a high rent lodging so let's stick it to them) and get whatever they can.

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